Any Los Angeles area knitters?

I work in South Pasadena and live in L.A. (Echo Park). Anyone around these parts???

If so, what’s your fave LYS? There seem to be a zillion and I am slowly visiting them all… :happydance:

No one from L.A. or nearby? Really??? :verysad:

Guess I will have to hang around some of the LYS’s to make friends. :think:

This is the only message I see from CA! I live in Sun City (in Riverside County) so I’m about 2 hours away from you - where are all our people? :slight_smile:

There are several CA people and have been threads here. I’m not sure where they are now. I live in south Orange County. Let’s see… Aello, Pat in ca, Contiknitter Kelly, blueslady…and I know there are a bunch more.

If you want to just find a yarn store in your area go to Google Maps and type in Yarn and your zipcode. It’s very cool!

Hi Laikabear:

I’m in La Crescenta, which isn’t far from So. Pas. or Echo Park for that matter. I love getting over to So. Pas. Have you tried “Abuelita’s”? She moved her shop across from “Heirloom” and now is on Mission St. near “Buster’s”. It’s a nice shop with a nice selection of yarns. The shop owner’s name is Samantha and is very helpful and friendly. There are other shops around the area too.

I don’t “know” any other knitters except for the ones here on KH and Ravelry. It would be nice to get together with other knitters sometimes!

Any LA area peeps (you sneaky lurkers!!!) that want to see the Yarn Harlot, she is coming this Saturday, Sept 15 to the LA public library for a reading. FREE! Details on her website… :woohoo:

I just saw on Ravelry that they are full up. If you don’t have reservations you might check first.

Hi there! I just moved to England from Pasadena…shame we didn’t find one another sooner!

There are a couple of nice yarn shops in Pasadena. Skein on Walnut is fantastic as is Elegance Yarns at 1039 Green St. The owners of both stores are very helpful and are willing to order nearly anything you can’t find. If you find yourself in WeHo, check out The Knit Cafe ( ). That’s the place I’d go if I won the lottery :slight_smile:

If no luck finding a knitting buddy at any of the above mentioned, check out to find the group nearest you.

Good luck!

I’m in Cali, but closer to IE. I run a group that meets in the Covina/West Covina are called Knotty Knitters. We meet at KnitWitz in San Dimas and Panera in West Covina. We also meet on occassion at Unraveled in Monrovia.

I’m in Anaheim, Orange County. Velona’s Needlecraft is a really good place and Rose is so helpful. She taught me how to knit in an hour. The Yarn Lady is another nice store with tons of classes going on everyday.

You know, I checked for Southern California knitters about 3 months ago and then gave up because I couldn’t find anyone. Anyway, I am living on the West side of L.A., but work in Pasadena. Will likely move closer to Pasadena in the near future. LYS: I have only been to “Skein” in Pasadena, which was nice. I usually go to the west (Santa Monica) to buy my yarn, like Yarns Unlimited (they have yarn to the ceiling!), Stitches from the Heart (nice ladies!), and Wildfiber. I go to Michaels at the Santa Monica Promenade as well.

Well, sorry for the month delay in finding this posting.

Happy Knitting!

Hi! Welcome to my lonely L.A. thread. :teehee:

Since I got on Ravelry I realized there actually are more LA knitters out there than I thought. I think I’m going to try to attend one of the group knitting things from on there, maybe at A Mano or something on the West Side (I do get out there quite a bit). I’ve never met a real life knitting friend (so far) so I would really like to. :mrgreen:

Hi La-area friends. I live in South LA County (Lakewood) and I found a really nice yarn shop that has classes & knitting workshops. It’s called The Yarn Company and its located in Long Beach. The yarn is a little pricey … but good quality and unique stuff that you would NEVER find at Joanne’s, Michaels, or Tall Mouse!

Hey - You’re not so lonely. I’m from Northridge. I grew up near Silverlake so not far from Echo Park. I lived near Fountain and Virgil/Hilhurst most of my childhood and remember when the street fest held every summer was just a little tiny fair. How long have you lived inn the Echo Park area?

No one from L.A. or nearby? Really??? Guess I will have to hang around some of the LYS’s to make friends.

I’m in the San Fernando Valley L.A. There’s no need to knit alone. Here’s how I met knitting bloggers, and gone to knitting groups.

If you’re on [B]Ravelry[/B], there’s a group called “L.A. Loves Ravelry” where we talk about LYS and LA knitting things. Visit and

You can also join the [B]Yahoo groups of Stitch and B*tch[/B]. The emails include fun ‘sip and stitch’ book signings, knitting group meetings, sales… Visit to join.

I went to a fiber festival last summer in Santa Monica with 3 other knitters. On people who want to go to a knitting event just PM each other or set up a meeting time at the event and voila.

Have fun chatting with knitters in person.

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop in to say I’m in Cerritos, CA. I have only been knitting for about 4 1/2 months so I don’t know of any yarn places besides the yarn company in Long Beach. I haven’t been there but I have heard of it and hopefully will get a chance to eventually check it out.

:knitting: Hi, I’m in Lakewood and take classes at a shop called Stitches in Time. It’s in Bellflower. They have very pretty yarns and have drop in classes during the day. I’m currently learning how to make socks using the double sock magic loop method.

Hi, I’m in Whittier. Have you been to Liscat? It is in Lakewood. It just moved from 2nd st in Long Beach. I am going there this weekend, maybe I should go to Stitches in Time too? Sound like it is another good LYS. I go to Alamitos Bay Yarn Company and love that store.

Hello California Knitters!

I am spearheading the [B][COLOR=Green]West Coast Oddball Baby Blanket project[/COLOR][/B] over in the Charity forum.

Please take a stroll over there and see if it’s anything you would be interested in joining.

Don’t worry if you’re not into big commitments. This is the project for you!

The way it works is that each knitter knits 4" of a baby blanket, usually 90-100 stitches, using worsted or dk (depending on the blanket) weight, acrylic yarn. You can choose the pattern of your choice, keeping within the three stitch garter edging. Then, when you’re done, you send the blanket to the next knitter, leaving the stitches on the needles. Everything travels together.

Each blanket takes about six knitters. You get two weeks to complete your portion. I’ve found it takes me only one evening…sometimes two.

If you’d like to join us, you can either send me a PM, or you can post a note in [COLOR=SeaGreen]THIS[/COLOR] thread. I’ll watch for it, send you a request for more information, and then we’re set to go.

Come join a worthwhile endeavor. You’ll be blessed beyond your wildest imagination.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hey! I’m new here. I live in Burbank. :slight_smile: I’d love to meet some local knitters. I’m just a newbie, but I love knitting so much already!