Any lefties out there?

Hi everyone,

I’m not a lefty (predominantly right-handed but do a lot ambidextrously), but my mom is. I just learned how to knit, still working on my first project, but I feel like it would be really fun to teach her/learn together. She’s naturally really good at almost anything crafty, and she used to belong to a women’s crafts group at our local Recreation Department before the city totally slashed that budget. I feel like she’d love it. The problem is that when I mentioned it to her, she said that she’s tried a little in the past, but she’s a lefty and has always been taught by someone right-handed. Which would be the case here. If you’re a lefty, do you hold the needles differently and mirror-image the whole process? I feel like just to teach her the basics I could probably switch my process up without messing with my mind too badly, but I can’t even imagine how to reverse it for a left-hander. Is there no difference for lefties? I’m too new at this to know much of anything other than what I was taught. :slight_smile:

I’m a righty, but I have taught lefties to knit–‘righty’ style. I found that the lefties tended to adjust how they hold the needles as they got more accustomed to knitting, but since patterns and stitch instructions are written only one way, learning the conventional way makes it easiest in the long run.

She may want to learn to knit ‘continental’ style. That way the yarn is held in the left hand.

Of all the lefties I know personally only one actually knits left handed. She told me that she has to change patterns sometimes to fit knitting left handed which is a pain sometimes.

Knitting is a both handed hobby so the rest of them just learned to do it right handed. Sometimes just knitting with the yarn in the left hand (continental) or right hand (english) can make a difference in comfort level.

I’m a confirmed leftie who learned to knit right-handed because that was the only way the lady teaching me knew how to knit. I think lefties tend to be adaptable. Most of us use a right-handed mouse on the computer after all. Maybe your Mom would give a try to knitting rightie, especially with an enthusiastic daughter teaching.

Ambidextrous here. I’ve read from knitting instructors that it’s best to sit across from her when teaching a lefty. That way she can mirror your movements.

Thanks, everyone! I didn’t think about patterns having to be reversed. She does a few things righty, like kicking or hitting a ball. I think she taught me to tie my shoe by sitting across from me, so I could teach her knitting the same way. :slight_smile: I’ll have to look into continental and see if I could show her that way and let her figure out what works better for her. It would be nice to have a hobby in common with her.

I am a lefty and I knit continental. I tried to learn english style for a few years and just couldn’t get my hands to listen to my brain. Picked continental up right away. I think learning how to knit “left-handed” is just too much hassle. You have to use two hands no matter what so mindswell learn to do it “normal” so you don’t have to fight with reversing patterns your whole knitting-life. You just need to guide her to finding the most comfortable way to hold and control the yarn.

I’m a leftie, but I knit rightie. When I first started learning, I tried to learn leftie, but it was confusing because all the videos and stuff were geared towards right-handedness. So I learned right handed and now its natural…Slightly ambidextrous maybe?

If it makes any difference, I knit mostly English style.

Now, my little sister is a leftie and she knits leftie, just mirroring everything I do. She tried to learn right-handed and it confused her.

Each to their own, I suppose…:knitting:

I’m a lefty and I knit continental. My grandmother was a lefty and knit lefty, but complained of having to reverse patterns and problems so told me to knit right or continental. I can do both but prefer continental, feels more natural. Hope it helps!

Hi Everyone,

I’m also a lefty. When I decided I wanted to knit I tried it left handed but no one could show me how to do it. I then went to knitting classes for right handers and finally was able to get it. It took a lot of practice and many of my things wound up across the room …hahaha… In the beginning I found it very mentally exhausting going against the grain all the time. Now I’m fine, I just wish I could knit better.

I’m a lefty, and have to be honest, it never even occured to me to try and learn to knit left-handed.

I don’t have any problems knitting conventionally. I’m self-taught, mostly via Youtube :thumbsup:

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I knit continental (though I learned from a book how to do the knit stitch and from this website how to do the purl stitch, cuz im a lefty with a righty (and knitter) mom).

I knit English. I hold the yarn in my left hand and knit from the right needle on to the left. It makes things easier for me.

The thing about knitting as a true lefty is you’ll have to adjust some patterns because things like cables and increases/decrease will be backward with the standard pattern. This isn’t insurmountable, but something to consider.

If anyone is curious here’s more info -

I don’t care about things such as cables twirling the opposite direction so, I don’t bother with making changes. Luckly, the people who are bothered by them can make simple changes if they please.

I am a leftie, have only been knitting for a few months (but I love it) and I do knit right handed, continental style. I didn’t want the hassle of reversing patterns and all that, plus my children are right handed and I figured if they ever wanted to learn one day then it would be easier for me to show them :slight_smile:

I would think that if a righty can learn to backwards knit (from left to right) instead of turning the work and purling, then a lefty should be able to knit as a right handed person. After all, when they write they do it from left to right just as the right handed do. The only difference is they use their left hand. You would not expect their writing to mirror that of a right handed person so why should their knitting or crochet? Granted they would probably learn to knit best if taught by another left handed person, but may not be available to them.

Look for videos on line. Perhaps you can find a left handed person teaching right handed knitting. I wish you both the best.

Another option for your mom is to try Andrea Wong’s Portuguese Style Knitting.

I’m exclusively left handed - long story there - and it’s by far the easiest method for me. The yarn is tensioned either around your neck or with the use of a knitting pin, and the yarn is moved from or back with a flick of the left thumb.

Check out the Knitting Daily video of Andrea demonstrating the method on YouTube here:

It’s super simple, and the video alone is enough to to get anyone started, if they want to give it a try.

Good luck, and happy knitting!

I, too, am a lefty and I honestly have no idea how I could learn to left hand knit. I do some things very different than I should, I guess. I definitely don’t do english method, but my continental is kind of…interesting. I never, ever got the trick of holding the yarn wrapped around my finger, so I lift the yarn every time. I’m a hopeless case. I’m knitting an afghan right now and having to lift it every time for 200+ stitches a row is tiring. :sad: