Any Left Handed Crocheters out there?

Hi everyone,
I’ve crocheted for a long time, much longer than I’ve been knitting, but wondered if there were any other lefties on this site to exchange tips, help for more complicated stitches that have to be adjusted for lefties. I’m going to be crocheting an afghan in the next couple of months that may have some challenging stitches for a lefty.
Thanks everyone.

I’m a lefty - haven’t really had to adjust anything except I CANNOT for the life of me get crab stitch to come out correctly.

Mikey Sellick from The Crochet Crowd just started a new video series for left handed crocheting. I have no idea what’s on this video. This is a 24 part series and he’s posted these 3 so far. Another one you may be interested in is Teresa, tjw1963 on Youtube. Type her name in the Youtube search box. She often does a left hand version of her crochet project tutorials.