Any Leather Crafters

Since there are so many different members on our forum I was wondering if any of you, know of any leather crafters.
I am in need of having some leather pieces made (small items)and I want a professional look (since I can’t do it, I don’t want to try). So if you know how to or know someone that does please send me a message.
I can’t find anyone in my area that works with leather. I can’t imagine that it is a lost craft.

Thanks, Marilynn

It’s not a lost art, Tandy is still in business and there are many different professions doing leather.
I make leather from deer I’ve hunted but I haven’t got around to making anything with it yet, after all the work to make it leather I can’t bring myself to cut it.
I also used to mess with leather tooling and moccasins but it’s not something I’d want to do professionally.
It should be fairly easy to find someone in WI.

You don’t say what you want but check with horse people (saddles), gun people (holsters) and Harley people (cloths).

I would be happy to help but alas, i am probably to far away for it to be feasable. I have made a couple of leather jerkins and vest, a cloak and pouches before. It isn’t too difficult to work with , especially if you have split hides or thin leather.

next step is making some cuirbolli

I used to do leather work and worked for a leather shop years ago, but don’t have any of the equipment left except what I need to keep my horse tack repaired.
I agree with Mike check with any place that deals in horse tack or maybe even an upholstery shop.