Any lansing, MI area knitters?

I’m a new/old knitter… meaning, I used to knit quite a bit, then children came along and now i have time to rekindle this hobby. I’ve made 7 felted bags for christmas gifts and am now wanting to make my first pair of socks!

Any other Lansing, MI area knitters?

Im in Grand Blanc. Lansing is only about an hour away. The Boy and I go out to Preuss’s all the time to get fish. Good to finally see someone close to me :mrgreen: Welcome to KH :muah:

I used to was live there, but moved a few months ago. Check out Rae’s Yarn Boutique in Frandor. She has a sit n stitch night, maybe still on Thursdays, or Sunday afternoons. There’s a website too
And her blog.


Hi Terri,
I’m living over in the SW corner of Michigan these days, but my mom still lives in Dimondale. Last weekend when I visited her, I stopped into Threadbear Fiber Arts Studio for the first time. WOW! Lot’s of wonderful yarn. It’s located at 319 S. Waverly (between W. Michigan Ave and St. Joe Hwy). I drove by it 3 times! It’s right next door to the Quilt Depot whose signs you CAN see from the road! They are open 363 days a year - closed only on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Here’s their website:

YES, Threadbear is my favorite shop around!! they are helpful, have a great selection and have free coffee and a place to sit and knit!

Most all my “disposable” income is spent there!!

Happy knitting,

Terri :happydance: