Any lady poker players here?

Hi everyone, I play online poker (mainly Texas Holdem) I do very well with tournament play and am excited to play the million dollar PokerStar tournament later this afternoon. The buy-in is half price this month so I spoke to my husband and we decided this is one I should play. He wanted me to play it before as PS holds it once a month but I refuse to usually, as I follow strict poker bankroll management and generally don’t deviate from it. I played the million before as I won a seat using loyalty points but was out early. ( i had a straight at the flop which was the top best hand at the time but 2 others pushed all in and at the river a card came giving one a full house there by beating my straight, bummer). One time I was in first place for hours in the quarter million but in the end I finished 34th out of over 30,000 players. I still won about a thousand dollars in that one ,which was great as the tournament only cost $10 to enter. Are there any female poker players here? I don’t know of many. I have a friend who plays live all around the world but that is about it.