Any KP insiders here?

I need to know if anything is being done to make some DPN’s in larger sizes. I want a whole range of them! I’ve never knit socks faster!

I know that there are “other things” in the works, but exactly what they are hasn’t been revealed…sounds like another hush hush project! I told Kelley that if it’s anything like the needles that they are really onto something :cheering: It’s like she said, when you’ve got knitters designing things for knitters, the sky’s the limit.

Hey Rebecca, do you think they’d be receptive to “wish lists” from customers? I know there’s a whole bunch of stuff I could suggest! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m anxiously awaiting larger Options dpns, too! (I have all they offer so far.) I hope they’re one of the “in the works” projects!

All I can say is, email them with your requests, can’t hurt, right?!

As Angelia, I have all the DPNs and want larger sizes too! I love those things. Everything else is a distant second.

Aren’t they the bestest dpns ever?! :thud:

All of my other aluminum ones have a matte finish and lack the slickness of the Options dpns…sigh

Oh Angelia, I adore your ticker! The DH and I were bemoaning the lack of games last night, college ball just isn’t the same.

I just wish they would add 16" cables to their Options set. I quite like the needles, and would enjoy not having to buy 16" lengths for all sizes from other companies. Ah well, I guess this gives me the excuse/opportunity to buy nice wooden circs in that length.

Oh, thanks! I thought I was the only one here who cared! :heart: I love college football and do get caught up in some of the games, but you’re absolutely right: it is NOT the NFL!

Less than one week!! :woot: :woot: :woot: