Any knitting software out there?

I’m a relatively new knitter and i don’t tend to use many patterns for my projects. I’ve got one simple stocking stitch jumper patter which i adapt and modify every time i make one.
What i was wondering is if there’s any software out there which would show how something will look before making it?
I have seen some visualizers out there but they seem to only make pattern charts, i want something i can input a chart or a pattern and it shows me a finished piece so i can see whether what im seeing in my head would actually look how i want it.

It’s a long shot i know but has anyone seen anything like this?

Thanks, Mark.

There is software, but generally they are for creating patterns. If you want to see what a pattern looks like in various yarns Ravelry is pretty much the best site ever!

It’s a free site and you can look up patterns, download and filter for searching. We fave better forums here though. :thumbsup:

I’ll find the links for the software in a few minutes.

thanks for the reply!
i had assumed as much to be honest.
Was just hoping to visualise some different ideas without having to make a whole piece to end up not liking it.
Thanks again. Mark.

there are a few apps for this including pattern genius (

but my favorite freebie one is stitch maps ( while it does take a little getting used to, its beauty is that it shows you the actual flow/feel/curve of the fabric… it’s not strictly grid-based.

good luck! :wink:

Thank you so much for the link to Stitch Maps!!! I really like how you can add the column guides to the chart and see the pattern appear before your eyes in a much better way.

This isn’t exactly what you asked for, but it might help if you want to expand your one jumper pattern to a lot more.

Ann Budd has written a book full of all sorts of basic patterns to add to your basic jumper pattern. It’s called [I]The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns[/I].

It’s got basic patterns for sweaters, mittens, gloves, hats and more with directions and tables to make the pattern to any size and with any weight yarn.

You can plug in different stitch patterns and gauges and alter all of the patterns and make them fit.

So, it’s not software, and although it does have photos of finished projects to go with the patterns, so it’ll give you a better idea of how it’s going to look.

I hope it helps.