Any knitters who are

beginners ??? how are you all doing ?

Yeah I’ve been a beginner for a number of months now.

I am a beginner. I have been knitting for a couple months now. I feel confident enough to help my cousin start knitting. Which might be scarier than it sounds - the blind leading the blind.

I have been knitting off and on for many years and I have just started back again, but still feel like a beginner. It is taking me a while to get my tension regulated and my techniques leave something to be desired. But I love a challenge and knitting certainly presents them to me. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m a new knitter here, and I picked up my first needles in February and have been addicted ever since! In my knitting group last night I even helped a more seasoned knitter with a dropped stitch. What a feeling!

It’s been so fun creating things, and while some of my friends roll their eyes when they hear about my new hobby, others jump at the chance to ask me to make something for them.

I just finished my first hat over the weekend, and my second Calorimetry! Now to finish those first socks…

ive been a lurker on this site for about a month and a knitter for a few more and i absolutely love it…i tried to teach my sis last weekend…i too am the blind leading the blind!

I started knitting mid-July and I’m still chomping at the bit, rearing to go. I’ve got two projects going on at the moment, a big floor cushion and a throw consisting of squares. I do the bigger project when I have lots of time (so not often, these days) and when I am itching to knit I do a quick square.

Initially I was a bit intimidated by purl stitches, because I don’t remember ever doing them at school, but once I completed my first purl stitch, it felt as though nothing could hold me back. The cushion has five sides completely knitted in garter stitch, so I feel thoroughly acquainted with that now. The top piece is a relatively straightforward rib, but with 93 sts on my needle, I do have to concentrate a little bit harder.

I read somewhere that the first step to becoming something is to claim the title. I am confident now in saying “I am a knitter”. I can prove it, too. Whenever I’m in a bookstore, I simply [B]have[/B] to look through the knitting books and magazines. Here’s the best bit. I’ve been buying two particular magazines for years now. The one is a sewing magazine and the other a crafts/recipes magazine. I have now discovered that they regularly feature knitting patterns, but I was never interested in that before, so I never noticed. I already own more patterns than I’ll ever know what to do with. I’m almost giddy over here!

Occasionally I’ll read through a pattern and think “whoa, that looks difficult!”, but then I’ll remember that a month ago I couldn’t even purl. I’m loving it. I’m also very pleased with the pretty and modern items that are available. When I started I thought hand-knitting was old-fashioned and consisted of droopy jumpers and ugly scarves. I was very wrong.

Thanks for asking, hellokitty!

Prazzie, I think you have said it perfectly.
My DH and I were with a bunch of friends at the state fair recently, and I was buying yarn and talking about knitting and such. the next day at work one of the girls we were with asked my DH if I was a new knitter because of how I was talking about the complicated things at the fair. Of course DH says, no , she does cables and all sorts of things with 4 or 5 needles, makes socks, mittens, etc. So I guess I FEEL like a new knitter even though it’s been 2 years, just because I don’t think I’m very good yet.
but, on another note, I sent my mom a cabled purse for her bday this year, and she remarked at how much better my knitting is just from her xmas present last year.
I became a “knitter” when it started to occupy all of my free time.

<---- Still a beginner also!

I learned the garter stitch in my home economics class in high school and then I forgot about it totally…then in the last few months I suddenly fell in love in knitting and began to pick it up again.

So far I had knitted a few scarves and hats. I am planning to start knitting socks, mittens, and learn fair isle knitting. The only issue is I have a farily busy work schedule so can only afford the weekends to knit.

I was surprised some of my friends still thought knitting only belongs to our grandmas’ generation. It was also funny that my mom was a bit worried when she heard that I tried to knit again…she was scared I would not go out in the weekends and hence cannot marry myself off soon :slight_smile:

I learned a little this summer from a friend, and the rest I’ve learned either from books or the videos here. I still feel wet behind the ears but I’m learning. So far I’ve created a scarf and a hat, and I’m nearly finished with another scarf (two kids, two scarves). Daughter wants a hat too, and husband is asking for a sweater for pete’s sake. I’ve found my local knit shop and plan to take some classes this fall…socks and mittens are on the schedule, but no sweaters! Can you tell I’m a bit intimidated by the sweater thing?


I guess I’m still a beginner. I have been knitting sine I was b0out 9 or 10. But I quit… The started again in high School, Then quit again, but now I’m knitting again. And I['m enjoying more then ever.

So far this year I have made 2 scarves,

A Poncho and matching hat

One shawl,

2 hats,

a baby hat,

2 dog sweaters.

and I have an afghan and leg warmmers on the needles. :slight_smile:

Susan :knitting:/COLOR][/B]

Woah I even feel inexperienced in here. :slight_smile:

I’ve only been knitting for a couple of weeks and as this past week was my first back at college I haven’t had time to knit in all of the hustle and bustle. So yeah, I’m only on my first project, a small cloth and just practicing stitches and such.

The whole college’s internet was out over the past weekend and I kept wanting to come on here and check in on the exciting world of knitting that I had found.

I’ve been very surprised to find people’s enthusiasm for my new hobby. Most of them think it’s a great idea. (my boyfriend just kind of nods and pretends to care :stuck_out_tongue: )

Edit: reads above post I wish I had a dog to knit a sweater for. pines for a puppy

Boyfriend, puppy, same thing. :thumbsup:

I’m a beginner.
I started knitting over 25 years ago, knitting only. Everything was in garter st.

I learned how to purl, read patterns, other ways to cast on, increase, decrease and more all since late June this year.

My goal : to learn how to make socks 1 at a time on a singular circular needle. I found all the how to, tutorial and a pattern to support… now if I can just find someone in real life to help me get started. Tried on line… Can’t quite figure out what I am doing wrong, beyond it isn’t working like it is supposed to.

I don’t give up easily. LOL

I’ve been knitting (albeit on and off!) for a few years now, and I feel like a beginner… I’m not fast, I make mistakes, but I don’t really mind, I typically learn or refine a little something on each project! I don’t finish projects often, but that’s because I usually get tired of them, put them down for months and can’t remember what I was making or how far along I was and take them apart!

I have been knitting on and off for a couple of years. Only the basic scarf mostly. I tried a couple of sweaters, but never finished them. I don’t think I am ready for such a long commitment. I haven’t actually knitted in about 18 months. Crazy, I know. But now I think I am ready to start back up again, and try some socks. Welcome to all the newbies.:grphug:

I started knitting a few weeks ago (digging for mother’s old needles and unused yarn in some boxes…). Out of my starting rectangle I made a “sleeping hat”, which I use to hold my hair if it’s wet after a shower when I go to sleep - very useful. Currently I’m stitching a scarf in blue… what you call it, structure yarn? Can’t wait until it’s finished because it’s really coming on well - even stitching, nice yarn and so on.

And in school, I’m stitching orange fingerless gloves (it’s really deep water, but I’ve got a kind and helpful teacher). So… I think it’s going well, especially as I have a reputation for being completely useless when it comes to any sort handicraft… :cool:

Eir, I was so bad at school, my teacher always took pity on me and gave me “mercy-projects” so I could pass the class. I had to sew a pencil case (no zipper, just velcro) when the others were doing shirts, and I knitted a scarf (no idea what happened to it, but I never finished it, that’s for sure!) while the others knitted sweaters.

Luckily I’m “all grown up” now (hehe, right!) and no one is forcing me to knit. Quite the opposite, when I told my mother I was going to take it up, she started telling me her knitting horror stories and I might have even imagined gagging sounds…

Knitting_Guy, lol @ your bf/puppy comment!

Count me in on the beginner wagon! I just started in February and though I do feel like I’ve learned a ton (mostly here!!) I also feel completely lost at times :slight_smile: I will say that I feel like I can look at slightly more advanced patterns now without cringing in fear, hee. I think sweaters are what scares me most and once I knit one of those suckers, I’ll feel better :teehee:

[B]Eir[/B], how exactly did you make a “sleeping hat” out of your practice swatch? I have super long hair and HATE when I go to bed and it’s a mess of wet curls on the pillow. Please divulge your useful secrets! :wink: