Any knitters in Vermont?

Hi there! I am new here. I really want to learn to knit. I will be moving to Vermont August 19th. I will be in Rutland County. Anyone else in the area or just Vermont? I also wanted to know if anyone knows of any classes or teachers in the area. Thanks! :muah:

I’m In vermont, and I am in Ruland county! Where abouts in Rutland County are you? I am in Danby Vermont. Would love to chat with you!

I am in Belmont which is part of Mount Holly. I am just learning and it is a little frustrating but I want to stick with it!!! I am not sure where Danby is because I am new here. My husband is a Vermont native. I am still learning a lot about this state.

Vermont knitter here! I’m up in the Northeast Kingdom, kinda far from you ladies. I live in Stannard - a teensy town, one of the smallest, up on a mountain at 1800 ft elevation.

Hi guys,

I’m founder of a knitting group on Mondays at our library in Randolph. Sounds like purlgurl is reading Knitting Daily, too, which I love ( I’ve got felted slippers, and the heart sachet on my needles, and just off my needles and waiting to be put together (with help!) is my first sew-in-sleeve gansy sweater from Jo Sharp Family.