Any knitters in Montreal, Quebec?

(See topic subject :slight_smile: )

Yup! I’m in Montreal! Hi there! :cheering:

What part of Montreal do you hail from?

I live in the Petite Patrie area (near the Jean-Talon market). But I’m studying at McGill, so I’m downtown quite a lot. How about you?

Have you been knitting for a while or you’re a new addict? :teehee: I started nearly a year ago and I still enjoy it a lot! :happydance:

Hi there!

I’m not from Montreal but am visiting soon… can you give me a heads up on some yarn stores? Thanks!

Hi knittykitty!
I answered a similar question here:

Since then, another yarn store opened, called “Effiloche” (, 6252 St-Hubert (subway station Beaubien). It’s actually my LYS since I live VERY close and I love it! :cheering: The choice is not as big as the other stores but the service is excellent.

Iza! Thank you so much! I actually have Moulinee written in my notebook as a place to go to but I’m trying to figure out how to get around once I’m there (business trip so any shopping will have to be after work hours). Is it true that the stores close early there too?

Thanks again!


Hey Lisa!

yeah according to my boyfriend, stores here in Quebec close pretty early (since I’ve been here all my life, it’s not annoying me that much…) and knitting stores are probably the worst since they generally don’t have many employees :pout:

I know however that Effiloche has a “stitch n’bitch” every friday nights from 6:30pm to 9:30ish and they are also open on thursday nights until 9pm. They are accessible by subway (Beaubien station), and it’s close to little Italy.

Mouline is closer to downtown (Lionel Groulx station) but they close at 6 or 7pm. “A la tricoteuse” doesn’t seem to have a website, but it’s easily accessible by subway as well, (Mont-Royal station). I don’t know their hours, you can call before but that lady is SOOO unbelievably unfriendly it’s ridiculous… and I don’t know if she speaks english (and if she would be any nicer).

Overall, in the province, stores close early on monday, tuesday and wednesday (generally around 5-6pm) but are open later on thursday and friday (9pm). On saturday and sunday, they also close around 5pm in general. There are exceptions though: most grocery stores will close at 11pm any day of the week, drugstores at 9pm, some SAQs (to buy alcohol) will close late as well.

Anyways if you have any other questions, just ask and I’ll do my best to answer! I hope you will like Montreal…

Oh and btw, it’s winter… so it’s cold! Knit yourself a scarf! :teehee:

Thank you Iza! I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the heads up on the stores! I really hope I can get out after work! I have a few projects I want to get done this year and to get the yarn from over there would be great!

I did start a scarf but I know I won’t be able to get it done by next week even if I knit like the wind! My husband does have a scarf and a hat but I know I’ll need mittens too. I hope the airport sells mittens so my little fingers won’t freeze off as soon as I get there! LOL!

Thanks again for your help :muah:


I am also a knitter from Montreal. Went back to it after several years of not knitting. I decided I will use the best yarns I can afford because if you put so much work into a piece you might as well use something good.
I discovered Mouline earlier this year and find the owner so wonderfully helpful. Have spent a bundle there in the past few months but well worth it as they have quality stuff.
I occasionally go to Ottawa and wondering if anyone knows of a good store there for yarn.

We have 2 nice yarn stores in Ottawa. One is in Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa, which is called Yarn Forward and the other in on Colonade Road which is Wool-tyme.

Hello, color2queen! :waving: I’m from Montreal too! :happydance:
I also like Mouline a lot, they have great stuff! But I go to Effiloche more often (Beaubien metro) because… well… it’s just 5 minutes by walk from my place. :oops: I just can’t resist! :teehee:

Like C&Csmommy, I really recommend Wool-tyme and Yarn Forward in Ottawa. I never went to the actual stores but I ordered from them online and had a good service.:thumbsup:

I hope to see you around the forum, color2queen! :cheering:

thanks HTH. I will be visiting Ottawa this summer and will of course want to do the wool shops. I’m always looking for interesting baby patterns since we have a little grandaughter being born some time in October.

Another Montrealer here!!! :cheering:I’m not too active on the LYS-shopping front, as I don’t knit a lot and I tend to order online. But I second the recommendation for Effiloché and the un-recommendation for À La Tricoteuse. Last time I was there I wasn’t looking for something specific, just petting yarn in general. Then I pulled a couple balls of Gedifra English Tweed to check it in person, and as soon as I put them back on the shelf the unfriendly lady came to place them “properly” and asked me in a very rude tone “WHAT are you looking for?”. I said “nothing in particular” and quickly got out of there. That was the last time I put my feet in that store.

At Effiloché, on the other hand, they’re nice and the place is a nice place to hang out at. I’ve never attended their S&B nights yet, but plan to some day!

Hey guys, maybe this is old news for you but I just learned that Mission Falls’s head office is in Montreal! They also have a warehouse in Grand-Mère but I don’t know if we can purchase from there.

I don’t know if there’s a bargain in it for us, but I’ll sure check it out!

:passedout: I had NO idea!!! If you find out where to get a good deal, let me know!:teehee: