Any knitters in Langley, B.C.?

I know there are other knitters that live or frequent the Langley area. I can’t be the only one buying yarn and such at Michaels and Wal-Mart. I awesome as that would be I don’t think those two stores would have their yarn department just for me. :slight_smile: Even if I do work at Michaels.

If you’re in Langley or area. Let me know. It would be nice to possible arrange a Stitch ‘n’ Bitch but I’d be happy to know I’m not the only Langleyite on here.

Side note: If you’re from the Langley area do you know of any yarn stores in Langley? I know of Langley Yarns, north of Aldergrove. And my mom said she saw a sign for a new wool shop in Walnut Grove but I haven’t been able to get over that way yet.


I’m feeling lonely.:verysad:

There’s a new shop in Langley for all of us Fraser Valley Knitters. It’s called Knitopia, and it’s on Salt Lane. :slight_smile:

I don’t feel lonely anymore. :woohoo::cheering::yay::happydance:

My mom drove me over there yesterday. On the way she said “Not sure I should be taking you.” I told her I’d be good. She replied “Will you give me your debit card?” I said “Not that good.” :slight_smile:

I didn’t get anything but it definitely gave me some ideas.

Hi, I visit this site often but have just joined the forums. I live in Chilliwack. However, to buy wool I usually drive to Michaels in Langley or Abbotsford. How great to work in Michaels. What kind of projects do you knit? :knitting:

Hi SmilerMo! Welcome to Knitting Help.

I knit just about everything. Scarves, toques, sweaters, socks, dishcloths etc. I just recently started my first pair of gloves. The only thing I tend not to knit is lace. I’m working on a lace wrap right now and it’s going very slowly. I don’t pick it up very often and when I do I only knit a couple rows at a time.

Yes it is great to work at Michaels. I’m the knitting instructor at the Langley store. It’s fun but can get frustrating when I advertise for classes and no one signs up. But I love the staff discount. :slight_smile:

Maureen10 and I are trying to put together a Stitch 'N Bitch in downtown Langley. I know it’s a little ways to come but you’re more then welcome to attend once we get it going.

You should try this site,, it has a list of yarn stores in different towns. It’s not completely up to date but it shows 4 stores in Chilliwack that you might want to check out. Aunt Debbie’s is suppose to be really good.

I’m in Fleetwood and have no knitting friends. :frog:I’m novice and would love some help in getting further off the ground. Knitopia used to be in White Rock and I went to their knit nights all the time … I haven’t been since they moved but they always have been a wonderful shop …

The new shop you were speaking about in Walnut Grove used to be Knit Cafe … they went out of business and now Sue is the knitmaster there, it’s called 88 Stitches … I haven’t been but I have corresponded with her by email a couple of times … I can’t remember the address but I know I went in behind the Colossus Theatre, past Shoppers Drug mart and quite a distance down … I recall it took me maybe 30 minutes to get to from Fleetwood.

Hello fellow knitters. I stumbled onto this site quite by accident and sure glad I did. To have found fellow knitters in my area is over the top exciting. 20 years ago I left my stitchnbitch group in Winnipeg, we had been together for 10 years and were my very best friends that I miss dearly. I have always wanted to join another stitch’n bitch group that loves to laugh and have fun while knitting. I live in North Delta but would be willing to drive anywhere. I’m 51, happily married with 7 almost all grown up children (looking forward to grandkids:woot: ) and work at Chapters in the Strawberry Hills shopping centre. Looking forward to hearing back from some of you guys.

A group of us over at Ravelry have started a guild for Langley, Surrey and surrounding areas. we’re called the Fraser Valley Knitting Circle and everyone is welcome to join. It’s still really new so we haven’t had any events. We hope by September (which will start a new membership year) to have some speakers lined up and other things. If you’re interested just PM me and I’ll send you more information or if you’re on Ravelry we have a group there, appropriately named Fraser Valley Knitting Circle.

Hi everyone

I’ve been to Knitopia and absolutely love it. Spent a few minutes one day talking to the lady on duty about my University capstone project. I went back to school in my mid-40s and am now almost graduated with a Bachelor of General Studies.

I’m up for get-togethers in the city area - Walnut Grove is a fair distance for me as I don’t drive and we all know about transit south of the Fraser!!

Looking forward to meeting you in person. H

for some reason I am having a problem replying to this message but was happy to see the langley knitter as it is so good to know that there are still some knitters around. I am from surrey, bc and knew to this site but was happy to find it. I have had a hard time finding knitting stores and have been to the Knitopia and it was nice There is also one in N. Westminster called Shan’s Needlework and I like that one now that I have found it. I also go to Walmart and Zellers but they are really cutting back on their supply. Michaels is good too I think that I am addicted to knitting and it is nice to know there are other ones that are the same way and I would be interested in hearing from you and joining in the “knit n’ bitch” sessions.

Hi There
I didn’t know that there was a langleyyarns so that is great I will check that one out. Have you tried Knitopia in downtown langley?

im veeery new to posting etc, but have been knitting and crafting for many years. I live in Houston BC, about 700 miles from you. I buy my yarn form my mothers yarn shop in Prince George BC. The Old Spinning Wheel. I am looking for graphs for hats for kids or a program that will do them from pictures…any ideas?

I’m up on Van island, north of ya but do get to the area to visit friends Thanks for the info on a yarn shop. I’ll try to stop by next time I’m in the area.

I have just been going through this site again I haven’t been on the forums for a long time but am still addicted to knitting and that was why your “name” caught my attention. I also found that you were in N. Delta and worked at Strawberry Hill I am very close to that area and although I realize your posting was a long time ago, was just curious if you were still in the area and still “addicted to knitting” i still have a bit of a problem getting used to this site so that was part of the reason I didn’t come back on it but it is fun to realize there are still knitters out there 'cause sometimes it feels like I am the only one. Now I know lots of people feel that way too. Hopefully I will be able to find my way back to see the postings that I answered It is easier to send them than find them again!
have a great day!

Just an update about the guild. We’ve changed are name to Fraser Valley Knitting Guild to avoid confusion. We meet the 4th Wednesday of the month at Choo-Choo’s Restaurant on Fraser Hwy in Langley. Doors open at 7pm, meeting begins at 7:30pm. Membership is $20/year and gets you 10% off regular priced items at Knitopia and 88 Stitches. Our next meeting is Oct. 27, 2010. After a short business meeting we will be having a talk on knitting socks from the Toe-Up. Everyone is welcome to join us regardless of skill level. For more info you can email us at Or check out our website or or group on Ravlery or our page on Facebook.


Hi Sajomaro…I’ve just joined KH and noticed your post…I’m in Langley, Brookswood to be exact…


Hi Heanorgirl123,

Good to see another Langley knitter. If you’re interested in hanging out with a bunch of knitters let me know. I’m on the opposite side of Langley from you, Fort Langley area, but know a few people that live closer to you that try to get together once a week or so.


Hi Jodi…I would love to be able to hang with other knitters…can you send me the info please…


Fort Langley isn’t too far for me either, but would love to get into a group of like-minded knitters…

Hope to hear from you soon.

heanorgirl123 - AKA Barbara:woot: