Any knitters in Indiana

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Hi Joknit,
I’m in Bloomington. :slight_smile:

What small town? I’m from Valparaiso, but live in Illinois now. I do from time to time come to visit mom and dad.

Hello, I’m in Bloomington also. We now have two nice LYS here :woohoo:

Hi Indygirl! Yes, we do have two nice LYS here! Have you taken classes at either of them? I just learned to knit this fall, at a class through Parks and Rec. It was a great class. I had tried, and failed, to teach myself to knit from books before. I’m trying to teach myself how to knit a sock at the moment, and had heard good things about some of the sock classes at Yarns Unlimited.

It’s fun to find someone else in Bloomington :happydance:

Hi Yarncharmer, Yes I have taken classes at yarns Unlimited. I made my first pair of socks at that shop :slight_smile: I go to both shops often.
I’m not knitting at this time, health reasons. Hopefully I will be going back soon. I have been going to an open knit class on thur.night at ‘In A Yarn Basket’ They will help you with whatever you are knitting. It’s great people and great fun. I have gone to Mon. night open classes at ‘Yarns Unlimited’ great fun also.
Not sure just when I will be going back, you should give it a try sometime.

They are really nice in In a Yarn Basket - I bought some needles there recently, and the woman said to come in anytime if I had trouble with the sweater I’m working on, even though I didn’t get the yarn there. I’m working on the Kyoto Pullover from Knitty; I was getting bored with all that double moss stitch, and thought a sock would be an interesting diversion, but it’s just frustrating. I was trying to do the ‘class sock’ from the sensational socks book. I don’t know if it’s because the sock is so small, but I feel kind of Edward Scissorhands-y with all those dpns poking everywhere. Maybe I need to try a normal sized sock, or get some circular needles, or something.

I hope your health problems are resolved soon; be sure to let me know if you go to the Monday or Thursday knit night - it would be fun to meet you.

[COLOR=blue] Yes it would be fun to meet. I will let you know the next time I go. We have a lot of sock knitter’s in the group. I love socks. I have enough sock yarn to last me the rest of my life if I live 50 more years :teehee: [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0000ff]I will P.m. you when I get to go next.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0000ff]Happy knitting[/COLOR]

Well, I’m hoping I can get the sock thing down. I’ve already got yarn for 6 pairs of socks, and I haven’t even made a single sock in my life. What’s wrong with me? :aww: Let me know when you plan to go again…

And Joknit, where did you go? Are you anywhere near Bloomington? Hope you find some local knitters…

Hi. I’m also in Bloomington.

There is supposed to me a sock knitting group meeting at Barnes & Noble once a month. Have you heard anything about that? I have also heard about another knitting group that also meets at Barnes & Noble on a different day. Keep thinking about dropping by during one of their sessions to check them out.

Very happy to have a second yarn store in town. In A Yarn Basket is a great shop. Good selection and nice staff.

Loopie, Did you go to the charity knitting get together on Monday at ‘Yarns Unlimited’? They had a great turn out. It was out in the middle of the downtown mall. I will be going to the thur. night knitting at ‘In A Yarn Basket’ this week. I don’t knit much, but I enjoy spending time with other knitters. I have started to knit just a little now. I have had a medical problem that has kept me from knitting for a while now.
I don’t know anything about the sock group at Barns & Noble. If I knew when they met I might stop by and check that out too.

Hiya Loopie! I know there is a group that meets at Barnes and Noble one Tuesday night a month. I think it’s the 3rd Tuesday, but I’m not sure-- There’s also a group that meets at the Bakehouse (East 3rd St) on Sundays from 2 to 4. I’ve never been to either, but I keep meaning to try to get to the Sunday one. And I thought that In A Yarn Basket also has a lunchtime knitchat one afternoon a week, but I just went to look at their website and can’t find that now, so maybe it’s been discontinued, or maybe I dreamed the whole thing up.

It’s fun to ‘see’ another Bloomington knitter!

Indygirl and Loopie, It looks like the Barnes and Noble group meets the last Tuesday of every month at 7:30 and there is also a group that meets at the Monroe Co. Public Library every Tuesday at the lunch hour near the North/Back wall. hmmm… so many possibilities!

I can’t plan to be able to go to the Thursday nite group at IAYB, (as in I probably wouldn’t know if I could go to that one or not until the last minute) but could potentially go to the Tues night one at B&N, but I couldn’t get there until 8ish. I could also go to the lunch one at the library; maybe we could all plan to go to one and meet sometime…

Yarncharmer, Any of those sounds good to me. I am not working at all now. I can do about any of it. I do go to the IAYB on thur.night some, not every week. I did the charity knitting at yarns unlimited this past monday. Let me know where and when & I’ll try to make it.

I didn’t know about the charity knitting event, Indygirl. I might have considered going had I known.

The Barnes & Noble site shows the next sock night on Feb. 9. at 7.

Just saw that Michaels has sock yarn on sale this week. I’ll have to go check it out tomorrow or Saturday if I get a chance.

I wasn’t aware of the group meeting at the library, yarncharmer. That is something that I could more easily get to than the evening groups (at least during the school year). I’m going to try and get there on Tuesday and take a peek.

I like the SKS book. It’s how I learned. I urge you to check out their errata page:

The amount of errors are alarming, but still I like the book. Hopefully your edition will have many of the corrections made.

BTW - I’m down in Evansville.

Have fun.

Indygirl and Loopie, I think I’ll try to go to the library one next Tue,too. And since next Tues is the last one of the month, I may try to get to the B & N one, also, though I won’t be there until 8 or so.

Gertie, I will have to look at that errata page more closely. There are an astounding # of errors, but I guess if you just take it one pattern at a time it’s not so bad, hopefully. I grew up in Vincennes, and Evansville was the place to go when I was in high school-- the mall, and Godfather’s pizza after basketball games… good times! Are there any good yarn shops in E’ville?

Oh yes. We have:

KnitWitts Yarn Shoppe

Four Ladies Needle Art
(The four ladies aren’t the owners. They’re the young daughters.)

In Newburgh, The Village Knitter

Across the river in Henderson, Yarn Along
I’ve not been to Yarn Along. I hope to this weekend.

I’ve been to the others. They’re good.

Our son is going to Vincennes Univ. Comes home on weekends.

I finally made my way to Michael’s today and the sale items I was interested in were slim pickings. I couldn’ t find any of the sock yarn and there were a lot of empty shelves. That will teach me to not wait until the last day of a sale in the future!