Any Knitters in Franklin County near Louisburg NC

Hi I am in Louisburg NC and am wondering if there are any knitters in this area



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Well, do you consider eastern Wake county in your area? Or just near it? :cool:

I remember from the North Carolina Knitters thread that some other members located between Chapel Hill and Wilson.

I guess it depends on the size you have in mind as your local area. :wink:

I’ll call you neighbor.

Yes, I knit and live in Louisburg.

Hi! I moved here 2 years ago. I want to learn (again) how to knit!

I live in Clayton and would love to get together with another knitter. There is a yarn store in downtown Youngsville… on their main street. Check out I stopped recently and picked up their cards. Went through their area in the back – they have a good selection of yarns and patterns plus they offer classes. :woohoo:

Thanks for the tip tbird. I will check out that shop next time I am there. But, i can’t find the blog you posted, do you have a better link, or has it been deleted?

I think the misspelling is in the I changed SLOT to SPOT by removing the L and then it worked. Well it is just an August 2009 schedule of classes. :think: Well it does have phone and email listed. No detail on where it is located other than Youngsville, NC.

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Sorry for the typo! Was watching a show and typing at the same time. The name’s on the card are, “Sue, Tina Bland and Jennifer Tippett”. The store is located at 136 E. Main St., Youngsville, phone #919.556.0346 E-mail: They are closed Sunday & Monday, Tuesday-Friday 10:00-5:00, Saturday 9:00-2:00.

There are other items in the store as well. Cute stuff!!