Any knitters in Calgary, AB?

I have a few knitter friends and would love to be able to organize a knitting group (possibly at knit one, chat too). Pls reply and we can figure out where everyone is in the city ( i am in cranston, but can use transit easily to get around), and go from there!


Hey Katy.

I’d still like to get together sometime. I have been uber busy with work and am now, probably, going into training for Calgary Transit but me and my friends have found Make one yarn store and we love it. Its the best store in Calgary so far (that I’ve been to). Maybe a bunch of us could get together for one of their knit and bitch sessions?

They have movie nights once in awhile too and I plan on rounding up a few friends to go there and knit and watch a movie. I’ll let you know when they finally plan another and maybe you’d like to come?

That be great except that to get to make one yarns from where i live would be a hard haul (about 1.5 hours one way), and I can’t really justify that. If you have any other ideas that would be worth looking into!

Hi there! Im new to knitting and the city (well kinda…I’ve been here a few years). I was reading some posts, and was totally excited when I came across your post! I know the post was up months ago, but if either of you are still interested in a knitting group, I would :heart: to hear about it! Hope to hear from ya :blush:

[color=darkblue][/color]Just found this web site today! Have been trying to figure out a stitch. Got it worked out with the video’s. Great Site!!!
If anyone is getting together please let me know. Have just started knitting again after a 5 year lapse. Just starting all over again it seems.
Would love to hear from you…

I think the first thing to do is to find out where everyone is so that we can figure out a central meeting spot. i am in the SE in Cranston, near the bridlewood train station
I am more that willing to travel tho to another spot that is more central. What about everyone else?

Also, how wften can everyone meet? I would love to shoot for a once a week get together on the weekend, but it would depend on how everyone esle thinks it would work. If we think that most of us could make it on a weekly basis, then i say go for it!


[color=indigo]Hello :hug:
Im in Acadia, SE Calgary…right by the Heritage train station…so Im close to Cranston and I too could travel. Meeting once a week sounds great maybe on a Sunday afternoon (that’s my day off) or whenever works for the majority.
I think once a week sounds nice…although once finals come around, once every two weeeks may be more realistic.
I look forward to swapping ideas and techniques![/color]

Hi everyone!
I live on the west side of town, near COP. Hopefully we can find some more knitters. I can pretty much go anywhere. And could pick someone up if needed.
Chow for now… :cheering: :xxx:

Well, from the two people I have heard from, it seems like somewhere in the chinook area works for us? Maybe we should just set something up for a week from this weekend, and see how many of us show? We could maybe put up an announcement on the general board…and if you have posted here and still want to come, feel free! The more the merrier!

Now I need to know are you two into that? And where on earth are we going to meet? I am thinking a funky coffee house where someone is willing to go in and talk to the owners and see if that would be a possibility of hosting there? I am thinking a date of Sunday the 14th (but come on, how many of us besides me are able to make such short notice!! lol) or more appropriately, the 21st? Maybe from 130 to 3ish in the afternoon?

Please post back and let me know what y’all thinking, k?

Maybe a post on the general to see if there are more interested would be a good idea! There might be others in Calgary. You up to doing that Kat?
Let me know…

Of course I am Sandy! That’s a great idea!

We still dont have a place to meet tho. I am thinking maybe a Starbucks or something? I’ll post on the general thread and see if anyone has any ideas.

One other thing tho…when do you think we should post it for? A week from Sunday?

A week from Sunday sounds good to me…Let’s see what happens. Maybe mention joining this forum if there are any others in Calgary.

Ok, I’m calling it. Let’s meet at 2 pm on Sunday the 24th at…this is the part i havent figured out yet. Maybe I’ll go have a look see this week and let everyone know.

Please rsvp if you know you are coming so that I can have a guesstimate at numbers…and if you know a place to meet, suggest it!


Hey All:

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are trying to meet up on Sunday the 24th at 2pm at the information desk in chinook mall…which is by the dinosaur.

See you there!

The 24th sounds good! Chinook at 2 pm sounds fine. Also, I live in Acadia…so maybe if we chat a bit before hand my place would be okay.(if you’re all comfortable with that?) Let me know what you guys think?

Hi Amy:
Thanks so much for the offer! I think we will meet at Chinook and then if you want to bring up the possibility of relocating, that would be fine, cause I am not all that comfortable knitting in public and talking! Also, we (from the pple I have talked to) havent a reallfirm idea of where we are going to go to knit either, so I think that would be a good idea to bring up as soon as everyone has arrived and is settled. See you then!

We will just see how it goes, k?


Hey girls!
I don’t get to Chinook that often, which end of the mall is the info desk at?
Just so I’m not wandering arund for hours on end…LOL

From what I remember, if you are coming into the mall from McCloud Trail (is it?) and turning at the lights, it is the door there that you would want to go through. You can always call the mall though and ask them! I havent been there in a while either, so I am not positive.

Hey girls!
Sorry to say but i’m not going to be able to make it Sunday. We have a job to finish at a restaurant before they open for supper. Let me know how it goes and I will try to make the next one…

I am so sorry guys. Can someone please remind me next time that we need to know what we look like in order to meet up!!!LOL

I waited for a good hour, and then i moved on, so sorry Amy if I missed you, but in all honesty it was probably not hard to because we didnt know!

Do we want to try again next weekend and maybe make arrangements to meet at Amy’s? (if that’s still ok with you, Amy)

Thanks guys, and again, so sorry for the lack of a plan!