Any KH Chats Scheduled?

Are there any KH Chats Scheduled?? And if so, how do we know?

Just curious.

I’d be willing to help get a standard chat up and going … software, server space, or what not… I do have a spare IRC box sitting around

The Mod Team is working on it… TBA soon.

ah, well then I can give you an address to ship that to :wink:
Seriously, an IRC chat would be great, or a weblink into it for those who don’t want to get a client.

okay …

who let the boys in? what is the deal with all the blah blah blah chat on every thread… :rollseyes:

at least if you were talking about trucks and sprinkling the word “hooters” in every so often it would be recognizable! :rofling:

yeah I figured if you said “okay” I have a IRC front end for the web that works really well… has sound and all that… but the mod team is working on it… I’ll let them do thier thing. :slight_smile:

Hey… the ‘boys’ started the thread. :rofling:

Sorry… i dont have a truck … or for that matter hooters either.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

And I agree with Norm… Mods can handle it. I was just curious. What do ya expect? I’m a computer geek. :wink:


That’s ok Joel, I have BOTH. :mrgreen:

For Brendajos sake:


awwwww yer too good to me! :wink:


I actually have a chat up and running on my server and it’s not an irc… it’s php, which allows you to have avatars, custom colors, smilies and so on… let me know if you wish to use it. Here is an example of one that has been customized… but any knitting banner and so on could be added.

Put my vote in for that one… :slight_smile: Personally, I’m not a huge fan of IRC but it beats nothing, which is what I have at home. lol

A good friend of mine actually coded that php chatroom awhile ago. I set it up and did all the decorations… but he is responsible for the guts of the place. I would be happy to make another one for this community… These were actually a replacement for the Beseen rooms… which went out of business a few years back.

yeah I’ve coded, run and used those chat’s… most of the time they are really good…some are really bad and clunky which just turned me off of them… whereas the java IRC interface is always pretty sweet… course then you have jaa programs…

But there are litterally hundreds of different types of chat softwares out there.

The community that runs those php chats… and there are about 300-400 chats right now, runs just fine. I’ve been running 3 chats on there for about 4 years without any problems. The chat I linked to (which is an exact copy of my other chat) is running on my personal server… which is not as reliable since I don’t have a ups and we have frequent lightning storms here.

The chat I was referring to making for this site, is on several servers, all of which are extremely reliable. The guy couldn’t get away with running nearly 400 php based chatrooms unless he knew what he was doing… php can be a real resource hog. In any case, if Amy would like me to make one for her, I will be happy to because I can personally vouch for these chats, since I have been a long time user.

Amy’s about to launch a chatroom

ohhhhhh :thumbsup:

Well well well, I guess it’s time to launch this thing!

Okay, I’ll start a new post!

Drumroll please…