Any iPod Nano owners out there?

My hubby just got me one with his hotel points and so far this little thing has me stumped! I am not real happy with the “Quickstart” instructions it came with and then I found out that it is supposed to charge the battery through the computers USB and it is not doing anything. I went to the Apple website and saw a video where it said that as soon as you plug it in, iTunes will ask you to name it but nothing has happened, no battery charging, nothing. I called Apple and after waiting on hold for 15 minutes, she had me hold the inner circle and the Menu button (which did nothing)then said I might need to take it to a Apple Store or even send it back for repairs?! :wall:

So that was when I thought I would come here and see if anyone here has had similar issues. Anyone know how this little thing works?

I have a Nano and yeah, that’s weird. Are you sure your USB port is working? Does the Nano turn on at all? Is the Lock switch on top switched to Unlock?

It does turn on and the lock is off. I have tried both of the USB ports on the front of the computer and 1 or 2 in the back…

It might just be the cable that came with your ipod… do you have an Apple store anywhere near by?

Oh… wait… what does it do when you turn it on?

If I remember correctly, the nano won’t turn on, until you’ve got it plugged in correctly, that first time. And you can’t really [I]do[/I] anything with it until you’ve got Itunes installed and running.

I’m pretty sure you don’t even have to turn the ipod on…just plug it in, and it automatically turns on, and connects to itunes (although I switched the option to have itunes automatically open off)

This should be what yours’ looks like when it is plugged in

it turns on? I am not real sure what you mean though…

Ok, I feel kinda stupid cause it was not plugged in all the way! It has already downloaded my 5 songs and it is now charging.

Thanks for trying to help!

This actually happens to me, for some reason it doesn’t always charge when I plug it in to my computer (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t:shrug:). I actually use the wall chargerthat I had from when I had the ipod mini when it first came out. It works with all ipods. The cable that comes with the ipod to plug into your computer plugs into the charger then into the ipod. Its $30 but I think its worth it since you can use it when you travel and don’t have a computer.

Don’t feel stupid! I’m glad you figured it out! :slight_smile:

This little Nano is driving me nuts! Its working and all but I can not figure out to get the podcasts on it! Is there a magic button that I am missing? My BIL even tried but he does not have podcasts on his, just music.

I am sorry, I hope I am not bothering you with this little device!

Are you trying to find the podcasts already on the iPod or trying to PUT podcasts on it?

If you want to find them on the iPod, click on Music from the main menu, then Podcasts.

To put a podcast ON your iPod, find the podcast in iTunes and download the episode you want. Then plug in your iPod to update it and it will automatically download to your iPod.

You can also right click on the word podcast in itunes and click synch if it doesn’t update automatically. Mine doesn’t update automatically all the time so this helps.

the nano comes with the most ridiculous directions. i am so glad i found them online because i was banging my head against the wall trying to figure it out. I couldn’t get stuff OFF my nano! grrrr! who decided no instructions was a good idea? :wall:

brendajos, how do you get stuff OFF of the Nano? I have already listened to 2 knitting blogs and now of course I am stuck!

Hahah, this is why I’m less than enamoured with apple products…

To remove things from your iPod, simply open iTunes, select your iPod so you can see the actual files on it, and just select the ones you don’t want and hit Delete.

If you’re still having trouble with the podcasts, how I would do it, is find the actual MP3 file from them (usually in your iTunes folder) on your computer, and drag them over to the iPod menu. You can do this for any audio file.

Is there a way to listen online to the pod cast…

doodle you should be able to listen right through itunes. i have also listened on the individual podcaster’s blogs too.

My daughter got an iPod Shuffle for her birthday in December, and I had a few problems with it at first, too. I thought the directions were a bit worthless as well. She rarely uses the thing, so I haven’t had to deal with it much. My son, on the other hand, LOVES his iPod Video and doesn’t seem to have any problems with it. I’m glad to hear you’re getting it all figured out now. :slight_smile: