Any ideas?

Hey guys, I just need some ideas here. I’m going home in August for a month and will be meeting my nephew for the first time ever!

He’ll be about 1 and a half then and I’d like to bring him something knitted.

I’m not keen on a sweater, but I’m not sure what else to make. What kind of patterns are out there for 2 year old boys?

I do have a Debbie Bliss pattern for a housecoat that I could do in black and grey, but I’m not sure if I have enough time for that, and how practical really would it be?!

Please give me some ideas!

Must it be a wearable item?

You could him a toy of some sort, which he could cherish forever.

Just a random thought.

You could knit him a toy … even. :oops:

What about a hat and mitten set? There are a few really cute sets that would look great on a little boy in the free patterns section on here.


A blanket or rug? But not just any kind. Make it match a theme in his bedroom. For example, my son has the Little Tykes Roadster corvette bed. I was thinking of knitting a black and white checkered mat or blanket for him to match the theme.

Another idea is to make slippers/socks. Felting them when you’re there and fitting them to his feet would be cool for the parents to see as well. There is nothing cuter than seeing a little toddler’s foot print imprinted into a shoe, sock, or slipper.

Okay, one more idea. You could buy a little toy tool set and knit him a bag, or one of those tool belts, to fit the toys.

Oooh you guys have some good ideas!! I like the idea of making him a toy. I do have some patterns for teddy bears and such. I’ll have to see what I can find.

Slippers are a fantastic idea as well and I will definately make him a pair!!

Of course…now I have to learn how to felt :wink: