Any ideas?

A friend of mine is hosting a knitting party this weekend. Any ideas about what I could bring? They aren’t big drinkers.

For the party or for the host? I would bring something to eat. I would bring a fruit platter, if they watch their weight or sausage cheese balls, if they just love to eat.

Hmmm… The first thing that came to mind was, even tho their not drinkers, you could still use stemware for softdrinks/punch. Then you could bring open ended stitch markers (the ones that look like fish hook earrings) to use as charms on the stemware.

Well, if they’re not big drinkers how about some of those little bottles of booze like they serve on airplanes? :mrgreen:

It’s always a great idea to bring food. Now, if you wanted to jazz up your offering, I would bring it in a Foldtuk personally. I don’t know if those have caught on where you live, but basically, it’s a really great thing to have. You can cook in it, store in it, collapse, easy to wash. The reason I am suggesting it is because it came to mind that you could bring food in it and your party host could stick it right in the oven and heat up a snack for you and your friends. I’m sure it’s not a big deal if you don’t have one, but hey, I thought it was worth mentioning. Have fun!

find some of those ‘straw’ ice cube trays (to make long tube ice ‘sticks’ that fit into water bottle necks…)

make “knitting needle” ice for drinks (be they soda or fruit punch)

make Knitted themed cup cakes (mini cup cakes are even better–easier to eat)
decorate the same with knitted themes (marzipane knitting, balls of yarn, sweaters)

have a swap… (a yankee swap) of yarn (or knitted related items… including project bags.)

Mason, :chair:

taco casserole :slight_smile:

or you could make a dip and serve it with tortilla or ripple chips, even crackers… really easy to make (the recipe is from a friend of mine that hosts a lot of parties)…

2 blocks cream cheese (i always use the philidelphia cream cheese)
1 jar salsa
1 lb shredded cheddar cheese
black olives, sliced.

soften the cream cheese by leaving out for a couple of hours, spread out evenly on the platter. Top with salsa, then shredded cheddar cheese and black olives. Serve.

it’s a huge hit.

What about something like this:

You could put your own together.

Or you could make some knitted flowers and make a bouquet out of those.

This may give you some inspiration:,2046,DIY_14344_38512,00.html

snort Mason, you crack me up.

These are fun ideas y’all have mentioned. I may have to hold my own knitting party and snitch some of these. :slight_smile: