Any ideas on how to do these button holes?

I am almost done with the Saartjes booties which I love!!!

The only problem I’m having is how to do the button holes on the end. I did the back loop cast on for the straps so I don’t have extra yarn there to futz with. Any ideas on how to add button holes?

Thanks Everyone!

I thought the bottonholes were made out of the yarn end after you bind off (so type of CO wouldn’t matter anyway)? That way you have as much as you need to make the loop.

If not, you can just chain (crochet) a loop on each end of the strap.

If you picked up a stitch on the end of the strap edge, can you do a knitted or cable CO, then just join it at the other edge?

I just crocheted a small chain and attached it for the buttonholes.