Any ideas on a seed/moss st hat?

Good afternoon! I am currently working on one of my 5th scarf ever and am doing it in Wool Ease Thick & Quick in a seed st pattern. I wonder if anyone knows of a good hat pattern in seed/moss st that I could use to go along with it. I went to Knitting Pattern Central and the Lion Brand site, but the few they had were not what I want. I did find one that I liked here, but there was no pattern for it.

Any help would be appreciated!

You could take any pattern for a stockinette or ribbed hat and do it in seed st instead. It may work best over an odd number of sts, that way you won’t have 2 knits or 2 purls together, you can just keep going around and arouond in k1,p1.

TY! I can do that! I’ll just look for a ribbed pattern - that way I can use [I]that[/I] for the border and seed st for the rest! I can’t wait to start!

Just came across this, looks very like your pic?

But how would you finish the top of the hat?

But how would you finish the top of the hat?

:shrug: I’m not sure what you mean. That pattern has finishing instructions.

It is does? I need to look at the link provided or the pattern carefully.


It’s the Shape Crown part. That’s where you decrease so it gets smaller at the top. When you get down to 16 sts, you cut the yarn and thread it through those stitches like a drawstring to close it up. Then take the rest of your tail and seam up the edges.

TY -this is one that I saw, but didn’t choose b/c the yarn wasn’t the Thick & Quick. I am still so new to knitting that I do not know how to adapt patterns for a more bulky yarn! I appreciate the link, though!

[COLOR=black]Next question: I think that I have figured out that [/COLOR][COLOR=black]I want a 2x2 border, and seed st for the rest. I assume the circulars would be easiest? But - how do I know what to do? I can’t find any patterns using a super chunky yarn. Is there some sort of standard formula for creating hats that can be adapted to different sts? Or should I just keep looking (and looking!) until I find the right one?[/COLOR]

Thanks again!

A good one here.