Any ideas for Bernat Matrix?

Hi. I just bought 3 balls (2 purply/pink and 1 pink/redish) of Bernat Matrix ladder type novelty yarn—it was on clearance for $1— couldn’t pass that up!

I plan on actually using some as borders and accents in my scrapbooking and card making but was also looking for ideas on what to knit with it. Any ideas on what to do to show off the design? Any suggestions for keeping it on its own or for mixing? I have done scarves before with ladder yarn and fun fur but would like something different.
Thanks for the ideas!

I just got some of that on sale myself at Michael’s. I made each of my daughters a scarf with it.
With the leftovers, I made a little drawstring soapsack for myself and it is great! It’s just the right roughness, and it lathers up the soap beautifully. It dries in a flash after the shower is done.

It was very simple, just garter stitch for nubbiness. Just knit a tube on DPNs big enough for a bar of soap, seam the bottom, and put a drawstring in the top. You could also knit it flat and seam it up. Make a little rectangle, seam it into a little bag, and put in a drawstring.