Any idea as to what this might be called or how to make it?

Screen Shot 2022-10-30 at 4.45.14 AM

It’s like a detachable collar but a capelet mix or something? I’ve done a lot of searches and can’t find anything shaped and tapered like this and I’d love to make something like it for myself and a friend.

Does anyone know what terms I may use to search for this kind of thing?

And, otherwise, any ideas on how I might could construct this myself?

Would it work to just make a rectangle and as I get to the top, k2tog on each side and stagger that to try to get it to shape and round off? That part that kind of sticks up and essentially props the collar up is the main part that stumps me.

Anyways, I think I was just talking out loud for some of this post but any thoughts at all would help, thank you so much!!

I would think words like: shawl, collar, scarf.
Ribbed knit.

I also wonder about the method to fasten the front neck closure.

I did a web search on similar images and mostly found hound’s tooth jackets on shopping sites. :thinking:

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I think that you’re on the right track with a knit rectangle. When you’ve completed enough to cover the shoulders, join to knit in the round. When the circular portion is tall enough, again switch to working back and forth with decreases at the edges (k2tog and ssk). A rib pattern in aran or even bulky yarn is going to give you a flat knit with minimal curl.
Trying Jack’s suggested search terms may well give you the pattern or pattern base that you want.

thank you! I’ve been searching similarly along with like " neckpiece" “shoulder warmer” etc. I’ve been at it for a couple days so I’m glad to know I’ve been on the right track :slight_smile:

ugh yes that happened to me too lol. thank you!

thank you for the welcome :two_hearts:

you just made a point for me that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise!!! I thought somehow it was stuck together through some pin on the inside in the middle without realizing it was probably joined in the round and the slight crease I see is probably just a fold! great observation!

I just had a couple of questions, and some may be silly, but most of my improvisation has been with crochet.

When you say k2tog and ssk do you mean k2tog at one edge and then ssk at the other? or one right after the other to create a sort of point?

And do you know if it would be possible to do in brioche? I was up last night making some swatches thinking I might go with that before I got replies :slight_smile:

Thank you so much in advance for reading my lengthy question

Yes to both. Ssk at the beginning of a row and k2tog at the end work nicely but you can experiment and see which you prefer. You’ll probably need a couple of sewing stitches at the beginning of the circular knitting and at the end to reinforce the join and keep it from stretching the strand between knit sts.
Brioche would be perfect. It would give you the firmness you need and be lovely and dense. This is close to your idea.

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There are lots of “neck warmer” on the drops site. Sorry I didn’t see any like the one you are after but something there might interest you. Or the term neck warmer might throw some ideas up.

Also shawl collar
These are usually attached to a sweater but perhaps if you looked at a tutorial video or a free pattern you might get an idea of how they are worked.

Or knitted collar.
This one has a poor cousin in comparison to the elegant piece you want to make, but perhaps a similar idea , look on the page for number 11 seed/moss stitch collar

The pattern link does work for me but you could contact the owner of the site.

Looks like a split cowl.

thank you all!! I never thought to call it a split cowl, and all the links are really helping me get more ideas

I was thinking the same sort of thing but you described it much better than I could.

I don’t like pulling things over my head. I think I wouldn’t join to work in the round, I’d add a tab with a buttonhole and put a button on the other side. Find a pretty button and dress it up a little. Could add some bling if you wanted to. It looks like garter stitch to me so curl won’t be a problem.


would anyone mind taking a look at this pic and telling me if I might be on the right track with some modifications I’d try to make?

I was thinking about basically making this one in the worsted version, and then just adding an oversized Peter Pan collar at the top. Does anyone have a good video for showing how to take stitches in the round and separate them to just working flat again? I don’t have much experience with that at all.

Thanks so much again to everyone for all the help, I really appreciate it!

It’s a bit more casual than the tailored cowl in your original post but it could work. Not so much of a split as a drape.
To go from in the round to knitting flat, just turn at the place where you want the split and knit back over the sts you just knit.
Here’s a video that shows switching from in the round to flat then back to knitting in the round so that you see both transitions.

I was noticing that the worsted version of the pattern I posted before your reply looked more fitted than the bulky, but I thought about doing dk to make it even more fitted, and then the split could be worn at the front rather than to the side. I also thought about decreasing a little while I’m in the round to make the circular part a little more fitted before going into the collar. All just ideas spinning around though I haven’t decided for sure yet, there’s so many options!!

Thank you so much for the video, I wouldn’t have known where to look! :heartbeat:

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Google lens image search has a crop (framing) option and I just found the original image here.

There are several other views of the item that is listed as a cowl.



That photo shows the construction more clearly. I’d say it’s made in 2 pieces and seamed. Perhaps the seaming helps with the structure too.
I had also expected the curved collar to continue around the back (on the first photo) but this picture shows the back also has the same nipped in curve.

Good find.

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I agree with you, @Creations, made from two similar U shaped pieces that are seamed in the center one-third of the each side.

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@OffJumpsJack holy wow!!! you’re a legend!!! thank you so much!!!

There are so many more views of it here and you both are right, it definitely looks like two pieces that were sewn on each side, which both simplifies things in my mind and makes it a little more complex ( or just gives me a few more questions).

Is it still 1x1 rib?

And would you say it’s just knitting two panels that are wide enough to cover each shoulder ( to my preference) that then get k2tog’s at each end until it tapers into nearly a point?

If so, would you k2tog at each end on every row or every other row?

I agree @creations, I also thought it folded over in the back, boy I had a lot of things quite wrong about this until seeing this find.

I would ssk at the beginningnof a row and k2tog at the end of the row. This makes mirrored decreases and a little neater.
The 1x1 rib looks quite tight so maybe swatch on a small needle and see if you like the fabric created, then you can also work out how many rows the curved section is and how many stitches you start and end with. This will lead to a calculation of how many rows to decrease in (every, every alt, every 3rd etc). There is also online calculators to help with decreases if needed.
The swatch will give you a more accurate plan but you could also just cast on and wing it if that’s more your thing.

The straight edge looks like it has a small detailed edge but I’m not sure what. More visible on the pic of the folded pieces I think. You may like it plain.

There are some online tutorials of how to make neater rib which you might want to watch as rib can end up a bit loose goosey and not look as tight as the image.

Thank you so much, really appreciate it! we’ll see how I go :slightly_smiling_face: