Any I Cord Tips?

Let me just say, I HATE Icords… I am doing a cute hat that calls for Icords on the earflaps… but my Icords suck (how many times can I say Icords in one post?)… If I pull tight like the video says, I cant shove my needle in for the next stitch… and it just ends up looking reallllyyyy sloppy…

I originally abandoned the hat, but I just had an idea for a new project that would require many many icords, so now I must learn…

Is it just a matter of practice?

Count of word icords in post: 6 (7 including title)

Yes, like all things knitty it just takes practice. In case you need some more instructions to make sure you are doing it correctly check these out.

Thanks for the links Jan… I hadn’t heard of tugging the the end like it mentions in the first video, so I will deffinitely give that a shot…:slight_smile: