Any hints on weaving in loose ends with very loose stitches?

I am knitting a blanket on size 17 circulars, and even though I love how it’s turning out, I am not looking forward to weaving in all the loose ends :frowning: On tighter knits, I can usually weave ends in on the wrong side and they don’t come undone. But I am afraid with this blanket because it is so loose that any woven ends will come right out. Any hints? I don’t want to have to tie any knots, but I also don’t want all my work to come undone!

When you add a new ball of yarn, you can weave the ends right into your knitting. That way, you don’t have to weave in anything at the end, and the joins should be fairly secure with the new yarn knitted right in.

Check out the knit-in join.

For the ends that you already have, use a sharper needle and weave them through the yarn, not just under and around it.

Thanks so much for your quick replies! I ended up using a combination of both, and it worked out great.