Any help would be awesome :-)

I’m knitting a double sided scarf with two skeins. The photos are attached. I’m a beginner so this is pretty complicated for me. Anyway, what happened was I made a mistake in the pattern and unraveled one row, then when continuing the stitches didn’t look right, they were purls when they were supposed to be knits, and also the wrong color. I know that they are cast on properly, I checked that. If you know what it could be, please help!

We probably can help, but need a little more info. What pattern are you using? Can you provide a link? Are you double knitting?

Your pictures don’t show. I’m not sure how you tried to post them, but the easiest way is to attach them from your computer. They may need to be resized first. Also… posting from social media sites like Facebook, my space or twitter doesn’t work well.

Thanks! I think I uploaded the photos now. I am double knitting. Here’s the link to pattern (isnt it a really cool scarf!):

It looks like you may have started the row with the wrong color yarn. The other possibility is that you’ve missed a chart row. Are you repeating each row of the chart twice or are you reading each row once? (see the notes on how to read the chart.)

It’s certainly a very good looking scarf and quite a project as a beginner. Looks good so far.

thank you! I think I solved this. I didn’t start the row with the wrong color, because I tried both colors many times and it always came out same color?! So weird. Anyway what I think I did was I picked up my knitting and it was half way on the needles and I turned it around and basically knit backwards at some point. Must remember to have the threads coming out of the right hand side :wink: I spent all day googling yesterday! :rofl:

That can happen to anyone, glad you figured it out. Always make sure your yarn is coming from the correct needle before starting. :thumbsup:

Another question… not sure if I should start a fresh thread. Now all of a sudden the pattern is coming out a different color. I’m knitting yellow and it comes out red. If I try knitting red it’s still red! :frowning: any ideas? I’m not knitting backwards again I don’t think… The pattern is fine for 2/3 the it goes wrong.

You’re doing knit sts in yellow and purl sts in red and the knit sts are coming out red, is that correct?

yes thats correct. Not sure what it is. Again I ripped out the last few rows and now its ok (till next time i stuff it up anyway)!