Any help is appreciated!

Greetings! I am knitting my first sweater and have run into a stumbling block. I am knitting a sweater in one piece from the top down. I am to the point where i have removed all of the sections of the sweater onto pieces of waste yarn. The piece of hanging yarn is hanging from the end of the work. Now I am supposed to go back to one of the sleeve sections, cast on a certain number of stitches, work across the sleeve stitches, and then cast off a certain number of stitches all onto dpn. My question is this: How do I cast on when i have no piece of hanging yarn to use? Here is a link to the pattern: http: All of my past projects have been simple and confined to scarves and dish cloths…so the more specific you are the better chance i have of understanding. Thanks so much for reading this and taking time to answer! I appreciate it!! g

You can take another yarn end and work on the sleeve sts only. Just leave a few inches of tail so you can sew the underarm together.

Thank you for your reply. I am understanding correctly if I say I can take yarn from one of the other skeins to work the sleeves? I don’t believe I have to sew the sleeves. They are worked right into the sweater with no sewing at all. The only finishing is blocking the sweater. Does that new information change anything you have already said? Thank you again!! g

Yep use another skein to start the sleeve. The CO sts will form the underarm, but you may pick up stitches in them when you go back to working the body. Either way, leave a tail because there probably will be gaps you can close up with it.

I love to knit from the top down, and I find that it’s easiest to cast on the extra stitches for the underarm at the end of the first and second row, instead of at the beginning of those rows, then they’ll all be connected. Good luck!

Thank you very much sue and michelejmiller!

What pattern are you doing? Seaming is one of the things that has kept me from knitting a sweater…

Pure and Simple has quite a few top down sweaters…no seaming. I have done several and I am a novice!