Any hamster people?

So my DH just bought the kids 2 Russian Dwarf Hamsters…REALLY CUTE :teehee:. I’ve never had this kind of a pet before and i thought i would ask anyone who might have hamsters or something similar…Is it ok to feed them fresh fruits and veggies? DH bought some of that dried pet food from the pet store but they don’t seem to be eating it. I’m sure at some point they will but i just thought i’d ask if fresh stuff was ok too and what kind. These are my kids first pets EVER so i wouldn’t want them dying on me/them:shock:…:pray:.


I’m a guinea pig owner, but I’ve never had hamsters. With any of my guinea pigs, when I first bring them home, they take awhile to get settled before they will eat. I usually feed them an extra small amount of pellets so I can easily tell if they have been eating or not.

My guinea pigs can eat fruit, but the sugar content isn’t good for them, so I stick mainly to vegetables like green leafy stuff. I just looked at a bit of Hamster information online, and they have different dietary needs as they are omnivorous, while GPs are vegetarian. Here’s one of the links I found:

Hamster info

There is a wealth of info on the internet about learning to care for your new critters.

What did you name the hamsters? Good luck with them!

Thank Dilly! Well my kids and DH named them pinky and dinky…i have no idea why. Now my kids are starting to randomly change the names. My kids are 5 and 3.

Hamsters are cool. Mind you, those little buggers have the skills of Houdini though. I had hamsters as a kid (30 years ago) and more times than I care to remember those little Houdinis would escape from their cages and be lost forever (or so I thought). Just when I would end my crying they would reappear like nothing ever happened. :teehee: I’ve seen those Russian guys at the pet store, they are super cute. Hope you enjoy them.

My son has two pet rats. We bought the pet food at the store, but we did some research on the internet and fixed our own blend of dry food. We’ve also started cutting up fresh fruits and vegetables. I think the rats love finding out what “new” food they are getting every few days. They especially love the dry pasta.

Enjoy your new adventure!

I’m not sure but I think they love pizza and beer.

Why, Mason, I think you are right!


Hamsters will eat fresh veggies and fruits, but as for the dried food, they tend to be notorious hoarders. If you look, you’ll see their cheeks puffed out, that’s where they tend to store their food until they deposit it in their nests. They tend to consume it at night, as they are nocturnal as well.

Yeah, watch 'em, they want to be taken out of the cage with the puffed up cheeks and when you let them down they immediately go find a corner and dump the food in it. It’s funny to watch. :teehee:


thanks you guys. Well they are definately night critters. Right now their sleep schedule is wake up at 8:30-9:00pm and then sleep at 8:30-9:00am. I feel a little bad because the kids don’t really get to see them because all they do it sleep :teehee:. So all day they ask are they awake yet and then of course whenits bed time for the kids (7:30-8:00) the hamsters start waking up.:roll:.

thanks you guys. Well they are definately night critters. Right now their sleep schedule is wake up at 8:30-9:00pm and then sleep at 8:30-9:00am. I feel a little bad because the kids don’t really get to see them because all they do it sleep :teehee:. So all day they ask are they awake yet and then of course whenits bed time for the kids (7:30-8:00) the hamsters start waking up.:roll:.

well just because they are nocturnal, doesn’t mean that they can’t be played with during daylight hours. They are like cats in that way. you can bother 'em during the day, but they’re the most active during the night.

When I get up in the mornings to get ready for work, Chance, one of the rats, hears me and crawls on the side of the cage waiting for his belly scratch through the bars. Both rats know that the humans are arising and get the bit of attention they need before they hunker down for the day.

We take our animals out as soon as we get home so they can socialize. I don’t know about hamsters, but rats need a lot of socialization. They absolutely thrive on it.

By all mean, after the hamster has gotten used to the new home, pull him/her out and play! He will go back to sleep when y’all are done.

i was thinking of just taking them out to play (once they get more settled it’s only day 2) even though they are night critters because it might shift thier sleep schedule a little so that they’re up at some point when my kids are up.

here’s a picture of the hammies…i woke them up for the picture…:teehee:…i know shame on me…:aww:

My partner and I had a hamster once. A week later we had 5!

We started off feeding them a pet store mix, but as you’ve noticed, not only do they hoard their food in those cute little cheeks, they also pick out what they like best and leave the rest behind. We started making a mix (similar to the popular SueBee’s rat mix) with various cereals and grains. We always included Cheerios, wheat puffs, rice puffs, Grape Nuts, and oatmeal. They loved it. We also gave them the occasional treat of fresh fruits and veggies, but I would run a quick google search on the types they can eat. Unlike rats, they can’t eat everything. They also shouldn’t eat a lot of them, because hamsters are prone to Wet Tail, and they can die from it. (Wet Tail is, essentially, massive diarrhea.) Also, if you’re going to feed them fresh fruits and veggies, a good idea is to check back an hour or so later and hunt out their stashes. You don’t want that stuff rotting in their cages. :ick:

Ah, now I’m missing the squirmy little bears. They were such cuties. But? I couldn’t knit for them like I can for our rats. I think they realize how much hard work goes into the hammocks I knit them. They appreciate it so much they go out of their way not to ruin them… by not using them at all! :doh:And yet, I keep trying… :knitting:

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: OMG, Mason, you crack me up! :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

I had these same babies when the girls were small - they are sooooooooooooooo cute!

Once they get settled, you HAVE to get one of those plastic balls that you put them inside of. They’ll go all over the house in that thing. So funny!

Make sure the wheel is oiled. Man! Those things’ll keep you up at night.

And YUP! They’re escape artists for sure…

I just love their soft, soft fur and how they’ll stuff their cheeks. I have to tell you that my children’s grandmother (on the “other side”) used to do that when she ate. We had this private joke about her “hoarding” her food. I know, it’s not really nice, but it was crazy to watch. I’m so glad I don’t have to watch that at Thanksgiving anymore. (sorry, got off track…:lol:)

Anywho, enjoy your new babies. I wish I could get one or even a rat but, with 3 meowers in the house and a pug that’ll eat anything, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

What no shock collars for Hamsters to keep them in there cages:tap:Sorry couldn’t resist :roflhard: Glad I know NOTHING about Hamsters:woot:So are hamsters good pets? Maybe I’ll get one for my grandson:teehee:

another idea is have your kids collect toilet paper rolls and shoe boxes. my cousin and i do this with her hamster all the time- you cut holes out of the shoe boxes and stick the toilet paper rolls in and put different treats in the different connected boxes. it’s so funny to watch them stuff their bodies into the toilet paper/paper towel rolls and crawl to the next side. :teehee:

and then when you’re done, you toss the rolls into the cage and they chew on them.