Any hair stylists out there?

I have thick and coarse curly hair, and while I shampoo and condition my hair, I also use a leave-in spray conditioner on my hair while it’s still wet after washing it for added moisture (I have dry hair too), along with my styling product.

My question is, is leave-in conditioner just basically regular conditioner that you typically just wash out after applying, except maybe that it’s diluted with water? It seems silly for me to buy a separate product if I can just make my own from what I have already on hand. Thanks!

Not a stylist but I also have thick curly hair. What I do is not rinse out most of my conditioner in the shower. I will do a quick rinse focusing on the roots and go. I then style my hair like normal. I’ve eliminated the need for a separate leave in and my hair is much less frizz prone. I learned that trick and many others from the curlies over at Naturally Curly . They have a great forum and tons of articles.

Another curly-girl here, make sure you don’t shampoo too often as that will dry out your hair too. Instead of shampoo, just “shampoo” with conditioner, it cleans your scalp just like regular shampoo does. I haven’t used shampoo in years. Just massage it in your scalp and off you go.

I don’t use a leave in conditioner as I have fine hair. Remember too, that with the changing season’s your hair changes too. Definitely go to that website, TONS of help on there.

I also have very thick, coarse, curly hair. I have stopped using commercial shampoos and conditioners. They contain sodium laurel sulfates that are drying to your hair. I now use natural soaps from To condition I use coconut milk once a week as a pre-conditioner that I leave in my hair for about 30 minutes before I wash. After I wash I use a honey, 1 tsp, and lime, 1 TBSP, warm water rinse. My hair is now incredibly soft, no frizz, and I don’t have to use a single styling product on it anymore. After living in hair h*@# since I was about the age of 10, I am now in heaven. I wish I had known about it years ago. Thanks by the way to the person who posted about Chagrin Valley on the environmental thread.

I’ve got straight, post chemo hair, but just wanted to tell you about a product.

After ‘washing’ my hair with a small amount of olive oil, and rinsing it out, I use ‘It’s a 10’. It’s a gel that’s atomized as you spray. Great stuff,and works equally as well on my DGD’s curls to detangle them.

A small bottle of it has lasted us close to four months now.

You may want to try [B][COLOR=“Orange”]this[/COLOR][/B].

I’m a member of the forum (CurlTalk), by the way.


HollyP, bailsmom:

You’re CurlTalk members?


Deb, where did you find It’s a 10? That may help my DD’s hair. Its really curly and I keep it long and braid it (to somewhat control the mess of tangles!)

Yep, but I don’t ‘talk’ too often. I’m on here way more than I am over there. My routine is pretty basic and works for me so I don’t really do there unless something is going terribly wrong with my hair. :wink:

Yes, I am. I mostly lurk now too. I love seeing what works for others. But I am a recovering product junkie, so for me to spend too much time there would be [I]very very[/I] dangerous to my wallet. Even if I have stuff that is working I have a[I] really[/I] hard time saying no to new products!

ETA; Kristaj which ones are you using? The shampoo bars have the PJ in me roaring. Am I understanding that you do not need to use a conditioner anymore just the honey, lime rinse and coconut milk?

I do not like I found their members very rude and discouraging … apparantly my hair was not curly enough to warrent their freindliness.

I am an advocate of doing very little though. I have very thick hair which varies from slightly wavy to fairly curly depending on what i have done (or not done) to it. I shampoo about once every 6 weeks normally only if i have done somthing which realy needs the extra help to remove such as last months delightful combination of mud, hairspray, adhesive, facepaint BBQ smoke and assorted beverages (don’t ask).

I have found that regular rinses with hot water are more than enough, finishing off with as cold a water as a can stand to be under to ‘seel’ the cuicles. Not swooshing it around or fluffing up the cuticles with shampoo meens that it rarely gets tangled enough for a conditioner.


I am [B]ag_613[/B] on, by the way.

I do not like I found their members very rude and discouraging … apparently my hair was not curly enough to warrent their friendliness.

I don’t agree, but I respect your opinion :).


Sorry, I wouldn’t want to imply that any of the members on here were in any way responsible, i just a had a few bad experiences on there. I know the people on here are lovely and i would be surprised if they were anything but lovely on CurlTalk. But you know how it is, in forums as busy as they are, there is always one or two members who are a little prickly and it was my bad luck to roll up against them on my first go. It just discouraged me.

Addmitedly it discouraged me from the forums in particular rather than the whole site, there is some very useful information on there. And i do occasionally pop in for recomendations of animal friendly styling products.

This is one source online, I get it from my beautician.

Read that Target also carries it, but I’m more likely to kiss a rhino than go to Target.

I just happened to stumble upon this thread and I am so glad that I did! I also have curly hair and at times am at a loss as to what to do about it. Living where I am currently is a big obstacle - nobody here has naturally curly hair (they all get perms or are from somewhere else), and therefore there are no products available here for my kind of hair and there is nobody here that I will trust to cut my hair (did that once when I first got here 2.5 years ago and it was horrific!). I will definitely be checking out the sites you have all mentioned. When I am at home and able to get proper stuff for my hair, this is what I use: Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious, and AG ReCoil. In the meantime I am using the Aveda line for curly hair, which is not bad.