Any had experience with these Caron yarns?

Have been experimenting with 2 new yarns by Caron: Spa and Country. They feel great and the colors are vibrant but I must say the yarn tends to separate, especially the Spa (acrylic and bamboo). Their Country ( acrylic and merino wool) is a little better but still seems to splay out over the needle as I work. Forget ripping out or backing up stitch by stitch. The yarn is fried after one use. One skein I opened was unraveling inside! I like the look but don’t think I can work with it. If it does this on the needle how will it wear? Am I inept, unlucky or what? Your experiences please?

I would call Caron and tell them about the problems , they may send you more yarn to replace the yarn that is giving you problems.Here is the email to use for contacting them: public_relations@caron.comand here is the snail mail address:

Customer Service
Caron International
P.O. Box 222
Washington, NC 27889

Hope this helps.

This is normal with the yarn, it’s not a defect. It helps if you knit them loosely or at a larger gauge. I knit a shawl with the country on 7mm needles and had very little problem with it splitting. I have some spa to make another and will use the same size. BTW I first made the shawl in a different pattern and ripped it out to reknit in another. Didn’t have a problem with fraying. Maybe it was the larger needle…? You don’t have to go up that large, but it can be knit very nicely on size 9 or 10s and that should alleviate the problems.

Yes, I made a shawl with Spa and found it very splity. I’ve used Country too, but didn’t have any issues with it.

Thanks Sue, I’m a loose knitter so my sz. 8’s probably match another’s sz. 10’s I’m doing a lacy leaf pattern so if I go to a 10 I may end up with a stole/table cloth and might have to go back and knit the holes too :<) I’ve tried smaller needles (I prefer finer stitches) and also done a swatch with 8’s. You’re right about the yarn being less trouble with larger needles. I’ll have to work something out with the gauge. Jean

Marilyn, Thanks. What did you do about the splitting and were you able to finish your project and be satisfied with the result? How does it wear?

Try 9s then, that could be something in between… Lace is supposed to be really loose, and with acrylic larger needles opens up the sts in lieu of blocking.

I’ve never used either of those, but I have used Caron Simply Soft for baby blankets and found it splitty as well. I go up a couple of needles sizes from their guage and the blankets look and feel great once they are complete. They seem to wash well too, just saw once a few weeks ago for a friends daughter who is now 2 and it is still going strong.

Last week I wrote, whining about Caron’s yarns. Susie advised using a larger needle which really helped. I did also switch patterns to a very simple mock rib and the “Country” yarn I’m using is knitting beautifully and feels airy and light almost like cashmere. Very cushy to put it in the vernacular. I don’t want to put down any yarn and admit most of my problems are just my problems. The 1 skein out of 4 that was unraveling in the skein was happily replaced by Michael’s store. So I’m back to knitting and now need some help with designing which I’ll post in “How To”. I’ve got a real mind boggler to solve so if you design things go to “How to” and HELP ME! Jean

A lot of people have complained about Berroco Comfort being splitty, but I’ve never had enough trouble with it to worry about. I use Options. I wonder if needle choice makes a difference?

It certainly could be a contributing factor, Jan. I said to someone earlier, ’ In knitting count everything, because everything counts.’ Needles, yarn, experience and attitude to me are the most important - then those ever important math skills. I can handle a little yarn trouble but, my main concern with splitting and splaying yarn OTN is how it will wear in use. I think many newer yarns are made with softness the main criteria for sales and tend to pill like crazy. I’ll take a good wearable item that takes a little time to soften any day. Jean