Any green tea drinkers out there?

My husband was listening to a radio program listing all the health benifits from this tea. So now he would like to try it, can anybody name some good ones? I think I read somewhere that the japanese green tea is better than the chinese but not posative on that one. We both do not drink tea and don’t know alot about it. Thanks Teri

I drink alot of green tea. There are huge differences in the taste and quality. my favorite is japanese green tea that is rolled - the tea looks like little pellets that start to slowly unfold and expand in the water. It has the mildest flavor (doesn’t get bitter). It is of course also the most expensive… :doh:

I also drink standard green tea in tea bags at work, which is the most convenient. I’ll bet Bigalow has a decent green tea since their other teas are quite tasty.

I like Bigalow!!

Tazo has delicious green teas that come in individual tea bags.

:shrug: It’s actually more complicated than “japanese vs chinese” green tea. Every region in China and Japan have different types of green tea! Everybody have different tastes in the matter so you can’t really say one is “better” than the other. You have to try different kinds of teas and see what you like! If you know already the kind of taste you prefer and others you want to avoid, I’d say the best would be to go to a tea house, where people could give you advice. Otherwise, you could go with commercial green teas as well.

I like many of the Tazo. Their english breakfast is awesome! And the green teas too.

just don’t buy the pre-bottled ready to drink stuff like lipton, or arizona, or whatever… the added sugar/ corn syrup additives and preservatives probably cancel out anything good from the tea… (and they taste like C#*P)

There is a pre-made green tea with a little mint in it that is excellent. It’s not sweatened, and is from Trader Joe’s. I don’t know if you have Trader Joes’s where you live but, if you do it’s wonderful, very refreshing.

I drink a lot of tea, brewed only (not out of the spout), and the only thing I ever add is lemon. But this stuff, you don’t need to add anything.

I’ve been drinking the Lipton Iced Tea To Go with flavenoids. I have only tried the green tea with lemon and love it!

For hot tea I prefer white tea and it’s very good for you, too. Stash brand is my favorite…white tea with lemon! I just ordered a catalog…I see they have lots of different teas!

…and uh… here I am talking about white tea when you asked about green… :oops:

I drink a lot of green tea. My fave is a kind of green tea called genmai (it’s a type, not a brand) and it has roasted brown rice in it. It smells almost like popcorn and has a brothy taste to it. The brand I get is imported by a friend of mine directly from Japan. It’s lovely.

I also love any kind of Jasmine green tea – Trader Joe’s has some that very nice. I love the aroma of flowers when you take a sip. So soothing!

Here’s a link to a tea shop in my area that sells online:

[color=blue]Simpson & Vail[/color]



i like stash brand, i also buy sobe green tea a lot…yum! :biting:

MMM tea. :smiley:

HamburgKnitter is refering to “Jasmin Pearl Tea” However, If you are looking for a more affordiable green tea and also commercial available, I really enjoy Republic Tea’s Pink Grapefruit, it has a nice citrus smell, and tastes like umm green tea hehehe, if you really want to get more into the tasts it can be a bit green/grassy same as any green veggie. But I highly reccomend going to a local tea shop/house and have them let you smell the teas and or have a sample tasteing. You can even try coffee houses if they sell loose teas. Trust me i’ve worked for plenty of coffee places and they are expanding into the world of teas.

i like macha tea (powder form) look at…he had alot of recommendation on tea… check it out

I drink quite some green tea and love it. Depends on my mood which one I’m going with. Genmaicha and Jasmine come to mind as well as Dragonwell.

If you have Peet’s Coffee and Tea in your area they are a good resource for trying different kinds.

Also: when you brew green tea, use only a little tea (1 level teaspoon per big mug), let the water cool 5 minutes after boiling and before pouring on your tea, and let steep for 2-3 minutes. You can even reuse the same tea leaves for a second brew (steep a little longer that time). This should give you great flavor without bitterness.

Hope you’ll like it! Enjoy!

I drink hot green tea with honey. I really like it when I am starting to get a cold or flu, it seems to help as much as meds do.

And…thanks to this site, I now Love Chai Spiced Tea…Yummm :heart:

[size=1]But I like it with quite a bit of sugar.[/size]


Well I don’t know any brands of green tea as I get mine in Japan whenever we visit but my favourite kind of tea is Genmai? :?? I have a full Japanese tea set with the delicate, thin, tiiinnnyyy cups and matching pot and a beautiful wooden tray that I gingerly brought home in my hand luggage smothered in tissue paper! :rofl: My grandma wanted me to take the expensive tea set from her house but since the teapot itself cost £300 pounds when she bought it I opted out… :thud: She’s just way too generous! :teehee:

I love the green tea (and other teas) they sell at Gypsy Tea - especially the Gracious Green, which is roasted. I actually drink it with a little soy creamer, which may strike people as odd, but I first had it that way in a soy green tea latte at a restaurant in NY and I loved it.

The tea at Gypsy Tea is also fair trade and organic - which means the people who grow it and pick it get a fair price for it, and it isn’t grown with pesticides and dangerous cultivation techniques. Everybody wins! :cheering:

(Trader Joe’s also has a fair trade organic green tea.)

I like plain old tetley green tea, and I have tried the grapefruit tea, it was wonderful.

For antioxidants and other health benefits, I’m mostly a red tea (Rooibos) drinker. I take it with a little agave nectar and milk. :inlove:

When I want a caffeine boost, I drink Irish breakfast, also with agave nectar and milk. :inlove:

I also love herbal tea blends from Mountain Rose Herbs. I drink these with honey and sometimes lemon. :inlove:

Most green tea tastes like steeped grass to me, and I’ve tried a lot of them, even the good, expensive stuff from Japan. I don’t drink it often. :oops: