Any Fathers's Day Patterns?

[COLOR=“Blue”][SIZE=“4”]Does anyone know any good Father’s Day knitting patterns? Anything besides a pair of socks. I did find a cloth pattern that say “DADS RULE MOMS DRULE”, but I want to have a few to chose from. Any ideas?:think: [/SIZE][/COLOR]

Hmm… I didn’t find specific ideas like they have for Mother’s Day. Think of you dad and what he likes to do, what his hobbies are or what he does every day.

[color=#300090]Well, if you knit a shirt, my FIL has a t-shirt with a slogan that is :roflhard: and :oops: too!

Husbands are like floor tile, if you lay them right the first time, you can walk on them for the rest of your life.

My DW was horrified that her mum let her dad wear it in public.


Did that help? :shrug:
[size=1]My apology to the mods if this is deemed inappropriate humor. Edit or remove if deemed necessary.[/size]

I had to thank you, Jack, for the huge laugh!

As for Father’s Day patterns, why not try a beer cozy? I am totally using that idea for my dad for Christmas – I’m doing socks for him for Father’s Day already (but I know you didn’t want to do socks.) If he doesn’t drink beer, maybe a cozy for his mug of coffee or tea? If he drinks wine you could try a wine bottle cozy as well. Maybe a coaster set?

Hmm, I’m starting to think that perhaps I need to drink more here at work. LOL! I also realize I have a “thing” for cozies. Wouldn’t life be a lot brighter if everything got to wear a cozy?

At Knitting Pattern Central there is a huge list of cases/cozies for just about anything – eyeglasses, ipods, etc. etc. etc. so perhaps one of those will help you, too?

Lion Brand just published this Father’s Day project for a hang-over-the-edge-of-the-couch-arm caddy for the remote control and other stuff that is cute, too.

Good luck with whatever you choose! :slight_smile:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Jack!!

[COLOR=“Magenta”]Hmm, I’m starting to think that perhaps I need to drink more here at work. LOL! I also realize I have a “thing” for cozies. Wouldn’t life be a lot brighter if everything got to wear a cozy?[/COLOR]

Don’t give me any ideas pinktoque - it’s already shaping up to be a rough week here at work! :wink:

Maybe we need to be careful about giving anyone any ideas-- I think the original poster is about 11!

Rachel is right

Well my dad LOVES his bass guitar(s) he has like 3 or 4. And he LOVES the band “Read Hot Chilli Peppers.” Does that help? Basicaly he is a music person (me to I LOVE MUSIC!).

A guitar strap is kind of a personal thing, but here’s a couple patterns for straps. In order for him to feel comfortable with it it would need to be the correct length especially and maybe width.

Someone else mentioned a beer cozy, but it can be for any drink if he prefers something else. Here’s another pattern.

I agree with Jan. How about a guitar strap? :thumbsup:

Here are a couple of ideas. . .The first link is to a pair of socks, which I do understand you don’t want to knit. But see the chart for the little chili peppers? Maybe you could knit a guitar strap and then knit that design into it.

Another is that guitarists wipe down their instruments after they play them. Maybe you could knit him some cloths for that, and here’s one with a chili pepper design:

The last one is you could knit a wipe-your-guitar-off-cloth with the RHCP logo, the asterisk, in it. You’d need to chart it out on graph paper. What you do it draw it on normal graph paper and then block by block (with each box being wider than it is tall-- they show it the other way), re-draw it on this special graph paper, because knitted sts aren’t square the way normal graph paper is.

[SIZE=“5”]I have a great idea! I am knitting a wristband and then going to put the RED HOT CHILI PEPPER’s symbol on it! If you have ideas still I would love to hear them![/SIZE]

That’s a great idea! I’m sure he’ll love it!

Is anyone aware of another Remote Control Caddy besides the one that another reponse in this thread refers to?

Specifically, I’m looking for the one pictured on page 12 of the 16-page JoAnn flyer I received on September 11, 2011.

It was used to illustrate what could be made with their Sensations yarn, goes over the arm of a chair/couch and has three pockets. I would appreciate your help with that one or anything similar.

Bernat yarn has a pattern for a felted remote caddy.