Any experience with this ebay seller? (sock kit)

Hello sock gurus!
I am going to start (well attempt to anyway) my first sock after I get a few small gift projects wrapped up. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the ebay seller The Natural Dye Studio UK ? Their store site is -
Thanks for any input!

I haven’t, but hubby is always looking for a deal on yard for me on ebay .Once DH Went with me to the lys,he thought he’d fine me some deals.

Why do you ask ? are you having a problem with the seller?

No, no problems, just wondered if anyone had any experience with them since they produce their own yarn and while they have excellent feedback, it isn’t a lot of feedback. I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

This is purely my opinion, but you may want to wait to buy nicer handpainted sock yarn after you have made a pair. Although they aren’t hard, most people aren’t that in love with their very first pair (haven’t learned how to customize the fit etc…just getting use to the technique) That said, if that yarn makes you really happy and the seller has good ratings I would go for it.

Thank you Kemp - that is good advice. My husband did get me some nice yarn for my first project and the project did not do the yarn justice!

First “pair?” My first attempt only resulted in “sock.”

And I totally agree – save the pretty handpainted stuff for when you are confident you will go on to make “socks!”


:teehee: Good point. I guess I was just compelled to go on with the second one. Plus it was more sock practice.