Any early risers here?

My kids are up at 5:30 this morning. But I notice that most posts don’t start until around 9:30. I am so lonely! :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :lol:

I’m up, but don’t have anything interesting to post! Good morning!

We don’t get up that early but usually in the morning I have to get breakfast and try to clean a bit before my youngest gets up lol… Now on weekends we all sleep in :lol:

One of the disadvantages of time zones!

I’m up that early, but I’m working. I do check in here but try to limit myself. :smiley:

[color=darkblue]I’m up every morning between 3:00 and 3:30am. Have no clue why but it makes for a nice long day. :slight_smile:

I had to getup at 5:30 to be at work by 7:00. Its still dark then! :shock: At least its quiet. I have to be here to open all the doors to classrooms in the University buildings. Its only classrooms with technology stuff in em but its nice to walk around with no one in the halls. By none its elbow to elbow. I only have to do this on Mondays and Tuesdays :happydance:

GAAAHHH! :shock:

I have a condition I have named “Narcoleptic Insomnia”… I stay up way to late and am freakin’ tired all day. As long as I keep busy I’m good, if I have to do too much 'puter entry at work, I will have the keys “G H J K” indented into my forehead… :roflhard:

I’m not a morning person… I just can’t go to sleep early unless I’m sick. I actually take Lunesta sometimes so I can get a good nites sleep as I tend to be an insomniac, too. :rollseyes:

I got to bed pretty early because I found out that weather I go to bed early or stay up later I still get up at that time.
Why do you stay up so late???

What is Lunesta? Never heard of it.
I’ve taken a sleep aid from Walmart before and it made me tired all day. I just started trying Tylenol PM and that helps a little once in a while.

I get up early (six…six fifteen…six-thirty…it depends) but I usually don’t check in here until later.

It’s a new prescription sleep aid. It’s not addicting like the old ones so I can take it more often w/o fear. I used to just wait till I was so exhausted I’d have heart palpitations before I took anything because I was afraid of getting addicted. Lunesta h elps me to sleep all night and I don’t get the drugged out feeling that I’d get with the old type pills. My doctor gave me the 2mg pills and I find I can cut them in half and still get relief. I tried the over the counter stuff and it didn’t do much good. Now I know if something is important the next day (like Christmas or Disneyland LOL) I can take a pill and feel good.

Thanks for letting me know about Lunesta. Maybe I’ll see about getting some.

I think anything could be addicting if you took it every night, but if you use it like I do you should get to sleep past 3 am occasionally! :thumbsup:

[color=darkblue]That would be WONDERFUL. :slight_smile: