Any Diabetic Pumpers out there?

I have a question about the marks it leaves on your skin and such things. I’ll write more on the subject if I get any replies.

Thanks. :heart:

not me personally, but my boyfriend has been on the pump for 3 months now.

the type of infusion set he has is nice. at first it let circles where the adhesive was, but his skin has gotten used to it now. the needles/caths leave prick marks for a bit, but slow healing comes with diabetes.

let me know if you have any questions. i’ve been along the whole journey with him, but if i dont know something, i can always ask him.

Hi, thanks for replying. My DH has been on the pump for almost 4 years now and he’s just so tired of the marks the fusions leave on his legs.

Does your boyfriend find that they leave visible marks or do they end up disappearing?

he puts them on his stomach. the needle pricks stay for a while, but the adhesive rings disappear quicker now.