Any charity hat thread

Hi Everyone:)
I have decided to start this thread so anyone who wants to post pictures of any hats they make for charity, can post them here.
It does not matter what charity you are knitting for . It may be anything .
For example -
[COLOR=purple]Knitting for your local hospital unit[/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]Children in need charities across the world [/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]Chemo hats [/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]Hats for soilders [/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]Hats that are donated to charity shops such as [/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]Oxfam or the Redcross for example[/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]Even if you just want to make them for a school[/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]fete or fund raising event [/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]And any other charity you can think of that need hats :)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]There are no rules , age restrictions or deadlines .[/COLOR][COLOR=red] This will be an ongoing thread .[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Just join in and post your pics and tell us your chosen charity for that hat .[/COLOR]



As this is for all charities, anywhere, you may even get me making a few hats Rita. I know the hospitals are always looking for the premie hats.

Thank you Sue and welcome to thread .:slight_smile: I look forward to seeing your hats .

As soon as I finish all the things I [I]need[/I] to do I’ll make a few, too. :thumbsup:

Thanks Jan . Can’t wait to see your hats :woot:

Hi Rita :slight_smile:

Count me in sis . Thanks for a great day , the kids loved it :slight_smile:


This is going to be great, my step-mum knits ‘Hat’s for the homeless’ (among other things). I said I’d do one or 2 when I could this is a perfect place to put them. She said she might join the forum when she’s back from holiday. You’ll all need sunglasses if she does, she doesn’t exactly knit in muted colours! All bright yellows and oranges!

Here’s the hats I did for Rabbit for the Shriner’s hospital.All made with 100%cotton

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Those are Gorgeous!:inlove:

Here’s the hats I did for Rabbit for the Shriner’s hospital.All made with 100%cotton

Momwolf, they are all so pretty

WOW !!! Our first hats on the thread ,:woohoo:
And they are beautiful . The purple one is my fave .
I am sure that the Shriners Hospital will be very grateful and so will the recipients :slight_smile:
Thanks for joining Julie :hug:

SIS- You are welcome , Nice to have you back for a bit:heart: .
Now go and do some knitting !:rofl:

Ellie- Welcome to the thread. I am going out to purchase some
industrial glasses .The kind that welders use :rofl:
I will be prepared for your stepmom and her bright hats lol

Finally got my new batteries for my camera! So here are 2 more charity hats. The pink one didn’t turn out that well, I got confused with keeping the pattern once I started decreasing.

I’ve still got loads of this pink and purple left!

Nobones: Cute hats. I have my sunglasses ready.

I’m ready,nice hats Ellie:cheering:

Ellie they are so sweet . Nice job hun :slight_smile:

Good day to you all . :muah:
Today i went to my local Cancer research shop and asked them if they could use some knitted hats . They said they would love them . They sell very well from September onwards .
As long as they are machine washable they will accept them .

SO here are my latest 3 newborn hats .
Oh and a pic of Luke knitting his first charity hat . He does a few lines everyday . It is all in garter stitch and i will probably help when the decreasing starts . He is doing really well:heart:

Great hats, everyone, I love the ruffled one’s Momwolf has done.

Rita, Luke looks so sweet concentrating, I bet that’s the most he’s sat still in ages! I can’t wait to see his hat, I bet it’ll be as good as yours are.

I went out yesterday with hubby but took my knitting with me.

Thanks Ellie ,
I have never knitted standing up before lol. Must give it a try when i am next waiting in a queue .
You know how us british like to stand in line :roflhard:
I have a couple more hats , i will post pics soon.

I hope you had a great time while you were out :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone )
I hope you are all having a great weekend .
As promised here is a pic of two more . They are in White . I like baby hats in white . :happydance:

The hats look great as always Rita.