Any Central New Jersey Knitters here?

I live at the shore in central jersey. I go to our local town library the 2nd wed of the month for a knitting group, which is fantastic…but totally not enough!! I have 6 kids, who all love to watch me knit :slight_smile: Is there anyone else on here from this area?


I’m in North Jersey (Exit 168 on the Parkway.), but my dad is central. He lives in Flemington.

Not sure if my area is considered north or central NJ but I am in the little town of Asbury. Its about 20 or so minutes from Easton, PA if that helps.

I would love to meet some knitters in the area! :happydance:

Oh, Ok. I’m in Pt Pleasant…right on the shore. Asbury is not too terribly far from me :slight_smile: (exit 98 off the parkway). Dh was working off one of the 160 exits yesterday LOL

Actually I am off I78 past Clinton in Hunterdon County. I wish I was over in that area, but I am farther west, almost to Pennsylvania.

figaro, I’m in Bloomsbury, 4 miles from you.

I just started knitting in December, made my first visit to the LYS in Clinton yesterday, and I’m looking for a knitting group or circle. My familial support people are in South Dakota, which isn’t really working for the knitting tutorials.

What do we have locally?

Ooh, he was far up. I’m exit 168, about as far north and east as you can go before you hit New York.

Im in Edison! Exit 130 on the GSP…

isnt it funny how jersians explain where they live by the exit number?

I find using my Palisades Parkway exit number more useful. I’m 15 minutes from the Garden State and 20-30 minutes from the Turnpike. 2 miles to Palisades exits 3 and 5, though. :teehee:

hi bergler,

It is nice to see I am not the only here in this area :happydance: ! Which LYS did you go to? I have gone to one in Clinton on Center Street but found that the 2 rooms it had was a little small and did not see anything about being able to knit there. I also went to one in Basking Ridge, (I wanted to check out malabrigo finally!) it also seemed on the small side but there were more rooms, the owner was there and let me know about open knitting and all the classes that they offer.

I just went to and found that there is a group that meets in Hackettstown (it is the closest one to me, only 10 miles away) and they are meeting next on Feb. 24. I saw that they have also met in Phillipsburg on occasion too.

I moved here in December and have yet to get out of the house for adult conversation and knitting so I am kinda looking forward to it. :cheering:

figaro, I went to the one on Center street. Wasn’t all that impressed.

I’m thinking about doing the Hackettstown knitting group, I’ll see if I can make it Feb 24th.

I am going to go to Hackettstown also, I just have to make sure I can get there without getting lost…

figaro, did you make it to the Hackettstown group? I had a sick child and couldn’t go.

In other news, the child (9 years old) can now knit faster than I can.

Sorry to hear about the sick kid, thankfully all 3 of mine were sick earlier last week. I was able to make it. There were 6 other women there and I am really bad with names. It was nice, getting out of the house to do some uninteruppted knitting with other adults. I just wish I did not have to frog my project while there, twice! :oops: The person who started the group was sick (the first meeting she has missed in a year!) but I see that she will be there in Phillipsburg in a couple of weeks.

I won’t be able to make it for the next meeting, March 10 at 2 in Phillipsburg, hubby’s plane lands in Newark at 2:45. But I will make it back to Hackettstown on the 24th.

Between here and there, maybe we will be able to meet sometime! :happydance:

I’m so excited! I RSVP’d yes for this Saturday, the 10th, and I’m bringing a friend. We’re knitting!
With other knitters!

Hi There!
I know its been a long time since your post, but I just joined. I’m in Brick, right by the Point border. I’ve never done any social knitting! I’m still pretty new to it! Which library do you go to??