Any Celebrity Apprentice watchers?

Can you believe Amarosa? I thought she was going to get fired. What terrible things to say.

I don’t really watch it, only snippets here and there, but I did watch last night because dh was out and I was shocked! I’ve seen Donald Trump kind of do what he wants to do other times and fire someone out of the blue so I really thought he was going to fire her (or Piers…who knows), but I LOVED the ending and how all 4 of the other team stood their ground, stood up for each other and charity, and no one got fired. It was great.

That Amarosa woman is a nutcase, she really needs help. I’m not a big fan of Piers either but he’s not as bad as her, she’s just evil and last night just proved she’s a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.
I was kind of bummed to see Marilou have to leave the Empresario team, that team now was pretty solid, I liked how they all worked together and had positive things to say for each other.

I think Piers is a big bully too, but no one deserves the sick things Amarosa said. It’s called workplace harassment and I’m surprised Donald did not just fire her on the spot in front of everyone for it.

I agree with you about Marilu moving. It will be a true test for her to work with Piers. I routing for her on that one. I wonder how Trace, Stephen, and Tito will deal with that vulgar woman. She certainly helps ratings, but after her display I would be surprised if she can get a job anywhere.

OMG - I could not beelive how evil she was last night. No one, not even Piers, deserved the vile diatribe coming from her last night. Who would ever hire her after seeing what an evil despicable person she is…

I actually had to mute her! I couldn’t stand listening to her over and over. :roflhard:

Last night was one of the best shows! Omorosa is only doing this for attention. Nobody’s going to like her. It will backfire on her, I’m sure.

You’ve just gotta like the way the Donald handled everything. It was very fair.

So much fun to watch, eh (although painful too).

[COLOR=black]What most people don’t understand about Omorosa is that she is playing a game to win. She is mot being a nasty for fun but as a mind game. Donald Trump invited her back on the show because he knows that she makes good TV. People tune in to see her. It’s a rating strategy. Trump gets ratings and Omorosa gets invited to do more reality TV. It’s all about dollars.[/COLOR]
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She actually looked like she was having fun last night. It was plain old mean. :ick:

The Donald would have fired her too, if her team had lost.

So sad that Marilu got fired!! Although she did make a few mistakes, she really went out with style.

I think Donald keeps Omarosa there for ratings.

I think this whole season has been staged.

I don’t even know why I watch it…I really like the “regular” apprentice shows but this is striking me as a set up, phony show.

The episode with Omarosa and Piers was a disgrace, like watching a train wreck.

Not liking Celebrity Aprentice at all.

I have to agree. It certainly has a phony feeling. I like the fact they are playing for charity. The whole reality tv thing is starting to loose it’s appeal to viewers. :sleepy:

I have to say, though it was sure fun watching Omarosa squirming last night. She dug her hole deeper every time she opened her mouth.

Omarosa is GONE!!! :cheering:

Twas sweet to watch! :teehee: