Any Boye NeedleMaster sales?

Alright, so I’ve heard they’re bad for small diameter knitting, but great for large flat work or large work in the round.No problemo! I already have a great DPN set from

So…I borrowed some of these needles from my friend, and have suddenly decided I need them. If anyone sees these on sale someplace online for anywhere around 30 PLEASE let me know! Or if you know of any coupons I could be using. I really don’t want to end up coughing up 60-70 bucks out of my tattoo fund for needles :confused: My friend, Joyce, actually got them on sale for 28 bucks and I can’t seem to find them for anything less than my soul + my first born T_T


Jo Ann’s usually has 40-50% off coupons, so does Michael’s. Depending on where you live, Hobby Lobby runs some specials, too. Good luck!

You can find HL coupons online if there’s one close to you. This time of year they have 40% ones every week.

Have you tried eBay? It is a great place to get stuff. I have had luck getting more needles for my Boye NeedleMaster set which is one of the first ones made.

Well, I found a set!

There were a ton on ebay today.For some reason ebay was glitching out yesterday, and when it finally started working, it said 0 results were found for the needles.Today there are 21, so I’m just going to assume it was still being glitchy when it gave me the 0 results.

Hehehe.I’m so excited.

I went to Michaels AND Joann today with no luck.Joann didn’t carry it and Michaels had it for 70 bucks with the only sale being on Thanksgiving; no coupons could be combined >: (

I would much rather go with ebay and pay for their shipping :slight_smile: