Any Blood Donors?

Ran by the hospital blood drive on my way out of work and got talked into the hemonetics (double donation) machine. Just wondering how many knitters are blood donors and maybe I can inspire someone to become a donor. It really isn’t painful and you save a life - the reason I do the hemonetics is that my blood goes to NICU babies.

my work does blood drives all the time. I can’t though. I don’t weigh enough. We have some co-workers with kids with blood disorders so the co-workers give blood as way to support them

i give when I can, but lately my iron has been too low and they won’t let me.

I was a multi gallon donor, then something happened and they told me to not bother coming in anymore
No blood diseases, no auto immune, one tattoo, but it was done the right way, so I have never gone back.
Also, since I cannot donate, they also will not hire me as a Phlebotic Nurse, or even an intake nurse
Ahhh Politics


How odd… I am a nurse and never heard of such a thing. Aren’t you curious as to WHY? I would want to know.

I am a double cell doner, every three months I give 2 units, they spin off the cells and reinfuse the plasma. I’ve lost track of how many gallons.

I used to, then I moved and couldn’t find a time and place here, then I got pregnant, then I was breastfeeding, then pregnant again, then breastfeeding, then pregnant, and yet again breastfeeding. Ugh. It’s been 9 years now! I keep seeing blood drives and think I should do it again, but then I remember that I can’t while I’m breastfeeding (iron issues)! Argh. Give me a year and I’ll go back!


I have donated over 5 gallons of blood and have started donating double units of plasma. It’s quite rewarding.

‘Thank you’, from a person who has been on the receiving end of a blood donation on more than one occasion.

Because of the medical problems, I can’t. But I’d be there as often as I could if they’d let me.

I have given blood once and it made me pass out for hours and vomit- I haven’t done it since BUT I have volunteered at the blood donor clinic giving people juice and cookies, so if I can’t give blood at least I can help those who can!

I did when I was 17 and 18. I got the trainee the first time I went, but they made my arm go into cramp - missed the vein and had the tourniquet on too tight. As a result I acquired a bit of a phobia about it and the next time I went I nearly fainted so they said they didn’t want responsibility for me being sick or becoming unconscious so they took me off the list - and I’m O- so I thought they’d want my blood

As soon as I weigh enough I’m going in. My mum used to donate every other month but then developed cancer so they wouldn’t let her give anymore.

I can’t donate. I’ve tried twice, been successful once. The first time, they couldn’t get a vein to work and it ended up being a good thing because I was very newly pregnant with my first. The second time, it worked quite well and they wanted me back.

Now I can’t because I’m pregnant, but also because of a surgery I had a few years ago…I’ve got very low iron. But kudos to those who can.

I haven’t for awhile, but thanks for reminding me! :thumbsup:

Here are the guidelines for donating blood.

I managed to give blood once even if I don’t weigh enough. I think the nurse cheated and let me do it anyways :teehee:. I had no problem at all, and was in perfect shape after!

My boyfriend gives blood regularly, every 2 months or so. He gives platelets too on a regular basis, and he’s even on a list for bone marrow transplant. :thumbsup:

I couldn’t give blood for a long time because I was taking part in a vaccine research study, but a few months ago I finally became eligible again and signed up! I’m donating platelets on Monday, and I’m also now on the bone marrow registry.

I just became old enough to donate, i plan on doing it this spring at our High School…we have 2 every school year…so yeah.

I started donating blood in college. Then they changed the guidelines, and since I lived on a military base in Germany for 3 years in the 80’s, I’m not allowed to donate anymore (neither is anyone in my family). Apparently, I could have eaten some mad cow…

I’m not allowed to because of a few medical conditions that they don’t know the origins of yet, but I wish that I could - it’s a fantastic thing to do.

Me to Misha! We live in the UK for 7 years and now can’t give blood or anything back here in the US due to that same mad-cow risk…our blood would be fine if we still lived in the UK tho – go figure.

OMG, the US is so easy on giving blood. I do give blood here in the Netherlands, but I’m only allowed to give 3 times a year. I’ve got to go soon, but I’ve just received antibiotics so I’m not allowed now. Here, you have to be 18 and weigh 50 kg or more. Your Hb has to be 7.8 as a women (which is high, I only can make it just before my period) and you have to be healthy and lots of other rules. Sometimes the strictness scares me off, but I really want to help, so I keep on giving (when I’m allowed)