Any Big Brother fans out there?

I’ll admit it, I’m a huge fan. I didn’t watch the last few seasons, but for some reason, I’m all wrapped up in it this year. I wasn’t going to watch it because 2 of the 3 nights I have to work, but I discovered that they replay the episodes online. That lead to the discovery of House Calls. I don’t do the live feeds and I don’t have Showtime, so I’m not THAT into it!

Just wondering what you all think of it.

I used to want Jen out, but she’s kind of growing on me. I like how she stands up for herself and doesn’t let others get her down. I’m SOOOOO sick of Amber and her crying. Please, send her home! Dick gets on my nerves, but he also makes the show a little more exciting so I’m not ready to get rid of him yet. I’m sick of Kail. Nick’s a hottie, so I’m not ready for him to go, but I have a feeling he’ll be out tomorrow :frowning:

Any other fans out there?


My DH and I are huge fans!! When we were dating a few years ago, we would talk on the phone until BB came on; get off the phone and watch, then he’d call me back!! that’s how addicted we are with the show!

I so totally agree with you about Amber. The crying is getting wayyyyy too old now. It was funny at first, but now it’s just plain annoying. I like Daniele, but she needs to realize that Nick is playing her (my thoughts). Dick, he adds to the show and makes it very interesting. Though, he’s tangents can get old too. Kail, eh I could take her or leave her. And Jen, she’s growing on me now. Though, I could do with out the Jensa shirts. :noway:

Personally I just adore Eric!! “I’d do that for a Dollar!”… :woot:

I can’t wait for tonight to see who goes home. I hope that it’s Kail!


It’s a guilty pleasure here as well. I think I’ve watched almost every season.

Jen is annoying to me…her vanity is something to behold. But I am impressed that she never seems to say nasty things back to Dick when he’s calling her horrible names. However, she is very judgmental towards Daniele while being jealous of the attention she’s gotten from Nick.

My favorites are Jameka and Eric. I’m rooting for Jameka to win because she seems very genuine. She appears to be trying to live out her Christian beliefs. I haven’t heard her curse yet (which Amber does…along with telling lies to Nick).

Dick is interesting. He wouldn’t be my best friend, but I admire that he’s direct (although I do not admire his method).

That’s why Jen is growing on me. She just sits there, takes it and walks away like nothing happened. I think she’s trying to get him kicked out and is egging him on to do something against the rules. On the talk show, they were talking about how she keeps pulling out the rule book and actually showed her reading it.

I love Jameka! She’s true to her word and isn’t afraid to tell the others about her Christianity. That’s another thing on the talk show. They’re getting all upset that she’s reading her Bible and talking about how God is in control of the game…oh if they only knew!

I totally agree about Amber and her “potty mouth” and lying. I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself this week. She’s a handful- either crying, swearing up a storm, or lying!

Oh yeah, those shirts are getting annoying. It was cute once or twice, but she wears one EVERY day! I thought they were told not to wear anything with writing on it. Everyone else is plain-jane!

I was really hoping for Kail to go home. Nick’s so cute and hasn’t backstabbed anyone, unlike Kail! Just because he didn’t tell of his strategy the first week is not a reason to be voted out! Who else in their right mind would tell everyone about their alliance or whatever!


I’m a fan too. I’m not all too thrilled with this season, but I still watch because Nick was sooooo hot. Now that he’s gone, I’m watching so I can get a little thrill from watching Jen get the boot. I can’t stand her. What you call “standing up for herself”, I see as denial, lying and smugness. Ugh. She makes me sick. Playing all dumb and innocent. Ew. I hate what she did to Jameka, but at the same time, Jameka isn’t playing very smart either.

I hope Dick and Danielle can work things out. But I think Dick needs to grow up, lose the “cool rocker/Tommy Lee” image, and be a father. Stop trying so hard to be her friend.

Please someone make Amber stop the crying. She’s a sweetheart, but all the crying is getting so old!

Can’t wait til tomorrow!

So, what did everyone think about last night?

Amber is really getting on my nerves. I’m sorry…but the crying is insane. Every single time she goes into the diary room she starts again. And when Nick was asking her if she knew he was going to be put up after the Veto ceremony, she was holding on to his leg for dear life and just bawling.:?? She really annoys me. I’m still mad he got voted out.

I am still waiting for Jen to go…I just don’t like how self-centered she is, nor do I like that she put up Dick and Danielle against each other. I just think that was lousy and mean. And if I have to see one more “JEN” shirt, I may put out my eyes.

I am pretty perturbed that someone sent a banner over the house this week “outing” Eric. That just bites. Yes, he is lying, but it’s because it’s part of the BB twist…he’s America’s player. Do they want him to just come out and say, “I’m America’s player, I am doing what the viewers tell me to do.”? I am so mad that someone stupid is going to mess this up.:mad:


So when did the banner go over the house? I sometimes check out the feeds and messages on might not have the whole name on that site, the link is on my home computer and I am at work at cant access that site here)but did not check them out over the weekend.

banner went over after the h.o.h. competition… looks like that would not be allowed. :hair: jen is too much but Amber makes me nutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:eyes: :hair:

It happens every year that someone flies a banner overhead to clue them in on something. usually it doesn’t effect the game much but this one did completely screw Eric.

Well honestly America screwed Eric by not playing the game right. There was no real way he was going to get Kail out last week but yet the vote went that way and he was forced to throw in the wonky vote again.

The banner itself didn’t really out him though… it just happened to be what made everything fall in place for Danielle. The truth is that they have the whole thing completely wrong as far as why the votes have gone the way they have, but it won’t matter because the end result will be the same.

The only hope he as, and it is very slim, is if this “eric needs a partner” thing works and someone is voted in that will help him. Jessica won’t help because she seems to already be in his corner for the most part. He needs someone who isn’t already there and I don’t really know who that would be.

The thing I don’t like about America’s Player is that you have to vote before you’ve seen what goes on. This week’s was awful. You had to tell him who to get nominated before you even knew who was HOH. What if America picked the HOH or his/her closest ally? There’s no way he could do it. There’s too much that goes on between when we vote and he has to do his task.


Okay I have been a Dick fan since the beginning. I think it is the pseudo-Tommy Lee thing he has going on but I can’t take his outbursts anymore. And I can’t take him calling everybody in the house liars when he is spreading stuff that isn’t true in order to get what he wants. I am delighted to see that, so far, it seems that the group isn’t buying into the Eric witch hunt.

Of course I haven’t been watching the feed much so I don’t know if that has changed.

Can you believe they do all the competitions by sunday usually so they spend the rest of the time sitting around with nothing to do? yeesh

Every time I watch the show I get irritated because they really can’t show Dick’s rants on TV, they are so vile, so non-feed-following viewers might think he’s amusing vs. being a complete bully, which he is, imho. It is getting kind of funny, though, that he keeps choosing new people to go off on. I was not a Jen fan in the beginning, but I do love how she blows him off and doesn’t get emotional about his tirades. Dustin seems to handle him well too.

I love the AP twist and how it messes with the house – I’d be rooting for Eric more if he would stop trashing everyone. It just seems over the top to me.

I’ve watched since season 2, and I follow the live feed recaps religiously – but I’ve never gotten the feeds. I’m tempted every year, but I know it would be a compete time-suck… :out:

but ya know it nevers/or rarely goes the way it is planned…
wonder what the new twist will be once Eric is gone.
Dick is getting more vile by the day…

Grrrrr…tonight’s episode was so frustrating! Poor Jameka…such a touch position to be in. She’s still my fav.

Wow! Kail got ousted instead of Eric! I’m so pleased with Dustin! Way to shake things up! And then Jessica winning HOH! Too good!

Did anyone catch the blow-up between Jameka and ED at the end of the show? Sunday’s show should be interesting!

ED is a d— head!!! he’s crass…

Okay, I had to skip the last few posts bc I’ve not yet seen tonight’s episode, I’m about to watch it.
I saw the BB post and had to stop and read it…I readily admit, i have been an addict since season 1!! And that was the only reality show I watched…now it’s like an addiction! i love top chef, hell’s kitchen, the desperate housewives of the Oc or whatever the name was! And top design…I’ve LOST MY MIND!!! LOL, I think that there should be a knitting/crochet/fiber reality show…bliss!

Okay, I’m for Jameka, have been since day one. I’m sorry, I’m not liking Jen because she’s so very intelligent and playing so stupid! I, too, am getting tired of Dick’s yelling at everyone! I was beginning to wish someone would just slap him and tell him to hush!! And, it’s about time for him to … well…GROW UP!!! LOL, he’s not a rock & roll star and he’s not gonna be! Could you imagine being thrown into such a show with an estranged family member?!

I’m off to watch it, LOL, on my dvr Knitty Gritty is #1 in order of importance for recording, and BB is #2, LOL, that tells a story, an odd one, though, LOL:blooby:

I’m SO glad it was Kail. I really wanted Eric to stay and shake things up some more. I hope Dick is next to go. I’m so sick of his bullying. There was a couple of episodes where I liked him and him stirring things up, but now he’s just a big bully. He was the ringleader for the whole LNC and now that it’s gone, he’s done- hopefully. I loved how he got on Jen & Zack’s good side just to get their votes.

Oh, and Amber saying she never lied. Yeah, right! They have footage of her saying she had no idea Nick was going up just hours after telling everyone that she wanted him up. I’m sure there’s more, but I’m so sick of her! She needs to go! She’s gone from crying to nasty mean girl now!


I have to say this has been the best week for watching footage yet. I haven’t watched nearly as much as I did the last two seasons (sob I miss Kaysar and Janie!)

I had no idea right up until the end who was going (I missed most of the show, eating dinner and chatting with mom.) The sentiment was going back and forth in the house all week.

Be very careful about getting too excited about Eric staying. From what I saw (again I didn’t see anything but the eviction on tonight so if I am being redundant, sorry!) they believed everything they were being told about Eric but decided that it served them better to keep him. I think they will keep him around, maybe, through the evictions of Dick and Danielle and that is about it. Even that isn’t a certainty.

Brenda, I totally agree with your comments about Eric. I think that’s why Dustin decided to keep him. His comment to Amber was that they needed him. Of course, this was before he told her he would vote him out so she could keep her promise. That’s why I just love what he did. He’s playing the game…

As far as Amber, her little meltdown solidified my disgust with her. She was upset, and I would have been as well. But she handled it so poorly. The vulgarity of her speech put her at the same level as Dick. Eric took it like a champ (of course he should have given what he had done).