Any AZ knitters?

Any Arizona knitters out there?

I guess I’m the only one Jill, Sorry I didn’t see this months ago.

Where are you in AZ?

We are AZ part time…Carefree area.

Laura (Hsiaokuo62) is in Flagstaff. She hasn’t posted for a few days and probably hasn’t seen this.

Hi! Sorry, I haven’t checked this thread for a while. I tend to gravitate to the FO thread first! I am in Cave Creek. Kemp, we’re neighbors! Have you been to Bonnie’s? MrTea where are you?

Cool Jill! My street is just off of Cave Creek Hwy, just north of Carefree Hwy. Where is Bonnie’s?

I am an ARIZONA knitter…Peoria…
MP aka usamacka

Great - there are a few of us here!

Bonnies Yarn Shop is in Carefree in the Spanish Village Center. If you were on Scottsdale road and turned right onto Cave Creek road, you would pass the shell station and then turn right into the shopping area. She is in the first building almost at the left (North) end. Her shop isn’t very big but she has a lot of stuff in there! Check it out when you get a chance.

Sorry, I was trying to reply to the other thread and somehow started a new one! :oops:

No problem. I merged it for you. :wink:

Thanks! :oops:

Jill can you give me an exact address so I can do a mapqwest.

Here is the address:
Bonnies Yarn shop
37555 Hum Rd
Carefree 85377

Sorry it took me so long to answer. I don’t get here as much as I would like to!

Hi, my name is Kristi and I live the East Valley in Gilbert. I just finished my first felting project and I am loving knitting. Anyone in the East Valley?

I live in Surprise. :slight_smile:

Surprise? you are near me…do you ever go to Cotton Fields on Indian School?

I’m in Deer Valley, work in Scottsdale.

My favorite yarn shop is JessicaKnits! Although I hardly ever go or else I overspend :teehee:

Hi all! I’m new to and a fairly novice knitter as well. I live out in Goodyear. I’ve seen Bonnie’s at Cavecreek – I only looked yearningly in at the window as we were there for the Wine&Art Show – it looked very nice and cozy. I’ve also been to Cotton Fields – mainly for quilting although I was always checking out the yarn side too – now that I am clickin’ again I’m sure I’ll be there even more. I sometimes go to Scottsdale, usually to hit My Sisters Closet, so I’ll have to add Jessica Knits to my “hit-list” – their website looks nice.

I am relocating to Tucson in May to live with my boyfriend. I visited him last week and he took me to both Purls shops (on Oracle and on Broadway). It was my first LYS experience and I am in LOVE. :heart: :heart:

Are there any other Tucson knitters out there??


Bump! :happydance: