Any Aussies?

Hi I am from south Aust I love knitting Would love to learn to spin It is great to find other Aussies here Hope to chat soon How do i get smilies

Hi, I’m from Melbourne too:cheering:

G’day I’m in Bendigo victoria too…

got a couple of projects on the go…

I’ve been told I should sell my stuff … how do you go about that… ? what if people buy online such as ebay and hate it?

i guess I shouldn’t asked that on this thread but I must run off and cook dinner




I am from Penrith Sydney, I have just found this site. I hope someone reads this - I notice it is a while since there was a comment on this thread.

I have just started knitting again after a long hiatus. I did a lot when I was 16 and early 20’s when my nephews were born & when I used to wear jumpers & cardigans. I stopped when I found that all my knitted stuff just sat there taking up space in the wardrobe. In the meantime I have dabbled at long stitich and cross stitch with many UFO’s on the go.

Currently with some time on my hands ( retrenched Dec 2008) I have taken it up again. I have knitted one afghan rug, 3 cushion covers ( still needing to be sewn up & filled) & well on my way to completing another afghan which I am very excited about.

I have provided the link to the afghan that I am currently doing.
I am doing all the colours of the rainbow


I am in Brisbane and have difficulty getting wool here so I buy from bendigo where they have a good range and great service. I have also tried some of the online stores but they work out very expensive for me.
I have just finished a pile of baby knitting and now am going to try to reduce my stash.

I’m from Sydney. Not much call for winter wooliies here, but my family in NZ are feeding my habit by having babies!!

Hi…Perth W.A. here…a fascinating website indeed…always looking for new ideas and hints/tips

I’m Shellie from Penrith. I am an obsessed knitter :x: who spends waaaay to much time on Ravelry. Have been knitting for three years and am learning continental style, lace techniques and spinning.

My DH is an enabler who lets me go pat the pretty yarns even though he knows that always means yarn will follow me home.

I’ve been looking at the help videos from this site for a while now but didn’t realise that there was a forum here.

Im from Northern beaches in Sydney. I have sort of knitted on and off for years - but not very well. I have just learnt to spin my Alpaca fleece so now have a new excitement for kntting. :knitting:

Hi all,
Just discovered this site in my quest for European style knitting-- a roundabout wandering journey.
I’m in Creswick, near Ballarat.
Like most knitters and sewers I have large stashes of yarns and fabrics, added to substantially at the Morris & Sons sale a couple of weekends ago!
Happy needling.

Hi Aussie Knitters :muah:
i’m in qld, south burnett to be exact. found this site by looking for something else :teehee: i’d love to get together with fellow knitters in my area. I’m nearly 50 :rofl: (something I can’t believe) and I have been knitting since I was 6 years old. Had a long break from the needles:knitting: but now have really got back into it - love to chat, drink coffee and knit!!