Any Aussies?: wool I can afford vs wool pattern calls for

I have bought a most beautiful pattern that I LONG to knit. However, it calls for Cascade Yarns Eco Cloud, which costs an arm and a leg Downunder.
What I can find, as opposed to the 70% undyed merino and 30% undyed baby alpaca (struth! - no wonder it costs so much!), is a local 10 ply aran pure new wool at the same 10 ply gauge.
The pattern says the Eco Cloud is 18 sts and 25 rows to 10 sq cm: the Bendigo Woollen Mills 10 ply is 19 sts to 10 cm.
Question: would I be halfwitted to knit this glorious Julie Hoover pattern from a mere local wool, that says of itself -
100% Pure New Wool: Machine Washable
The fine micron wool fibre used for this yarn gives it an exquisitely soft handle - the most luxurious pure wool yarn available in Australia.
You can knit this soft wool using most of your favourite 8 or 10 ply patterns”?
I’d be ever so grateful for some expert input, please …

That’ll work. Check the gauge on the pattern and if you’re still in doubt, buy a ball of the merino and knit a gauge swatch with it. Julie Hoover patterns are lovely, classic designs with nice drape and this yarn should do that. What pattern are you making?

G’day Marg

Just go for it - so long as your tension square works out (guage as the Yanks call it), it should be fine!

Another Aussie knitter here!

Oh! - how nice! :slight_smile:
Thanks to both, much appreciated.
Buying from BWM means getting those huge, equivalent-to-4-others balls; so I think I’ll just go for it, and play with the gauge by (attempting) loosening …
The pattern is called ‘Chaleur’, and is for what they call “an ultrachic oversized popover”. What draws me to it like a magnet is that it’s knitted in HERRINGBONE!!!
Watch me stuff [I]that [/I]up. No, I refuse to!:slight_smile:

Hi! I’m glad you got your yarn problem figured out. :thumbsup: I think your ultrachic oversized popover will be wonderful. Now, as one of those Yanks David keeps mentioning, I’d like to know: Does[I] stuff that up[/I] mean make a mess of it? I think a popover is the same as a pullover? If so I like [I]popover[/I]. I really am glad you Aussies and a few Brits and others put up with us Yanks! Different word usages in the same language fascinate me.

ETA: you’ve probably already figured out that we love pictures. I’d love to see your pattern if possible and for you to share a photo of yours when it’d done.

ETA part II: Is this it? Chaleur Marvelous!

Yup to both: to stuff something up means to completely ruin it, basically. And that IS the pattern I want to make. Mind you, it’s going to be a norful challenge, inasmuch as there are nearly 300 stitches on the round needle, as one point. You may pray for me.
But I feel a popover is something less fitting than a pullover - not that the latter is form-fitting … but it does fit at the bottom, at least, eh? Whereas the popover is a kinda shaped tent top, in a way.
Now for my question re pictures and language differences: is your avatar a spring onion? Or a scallion? Or a shallot? Or what?
I know it’s somewhat off-topic, and for that I apologise.

This is your thread, I’m the one took it off topic so I apologize to you.

May you find the pattern to be just challenging enough to keep it interesting and not enough to be discouraging. May your needles and hands be blessed. May you be pleased with your finished popover and wear it with pride and joy!

I call my avatar a green onion but it could be a scallion, shallot, or spring onion. Whatever you want to call it is cool with me. Thank you for the language lesson.

That is a great sweater, popover or whatever you call it! That would be good for chilly trips outside.

I also love different ways to say things. It’s fun learning something new. :thumbsup: and don’t worry we tend to get off topic regularly. :teehee:

I haff decided to knit it in denim blue - which is a bit darker than I think of jeans’ colour. Sorry about the ‘u’, you yanks! :slight_smile: Must buy specialist needles for it; just as well, as BWM takes bloody forever to send orders made via the website.
I think the major difference is going to be the drape, as mentioned by salmonmac: that 30% of alpaca would definitely help with drape. Here’s crossing me fingers (pre knitting!) that using pure wool doesn’t make it too stiff.
I shall report back: whose nose? - as my husband was wont to ask - such a thing may be useful to someone else!

Do let us know how it’s going and GG is spot on: we love to see photos of finished projects. One thought, if you need to adjust your tension, do it by changing the needle size and not by trying to knit loosely or more tightly. It’s almost impossible to keep that up for an entire sweater especially once you relax and really get into the knitting. Enjoy!

Now that’s a really helpful thing, salmonmac! - and what you say is absolutely logical. If the gauge ain’t right, I shall get another set of needle tips. Crumbs! - that’d make 'em 6! Here’s hoping I don’t have to do that …

Knitting needle manufacturers know us, they started selling whole sets!

It’s only just occurred to me to wonder if the fact that the Eco Cloud is undyed has any effect on the gauge …
Lemme put that the other way: is it likely that my using a [I]dyed [/I]pure wool (rather than the undyed wool/alpaca mix) will contribute to altering the gauge?
Does it matter?
Do cats eat bats?

I get a kick out of “jumper” referring to pullover sweater patterns and “matinee jackets” for baby sweaters.

Our sheep have a tendency to leap about a fair bit: such is, putatively, why we Aussies refer to what you call ‘sweaters’ as ‘jumpers’.

This may contribute very slightly to gauge but I don’t think it’ll be a major factor. One yarn knits at 18sts/inch and the other at 19sts/inch which is reasonably close. There are enough other factors at work (for example, you and whether you’re a loose or tight knitter, needle size…).
Once you get the pattern gauge with your yarn and needles and like the feel and drape of the knit fabric, you’ll be set to go.
Thanks for the words about jumper. It seems unusual to us because we use jumper to mean a loose, sleeveless dress. When you think about it, sweater doesn’t really sound like something you’d like to put on, does it?

[B]sweater doesn’t really sound like something you’d like to put on, does it?[/B]

Yeah. I’ve often wondered where the word came from.

Re: needles…you’ve only got 5 sets now?!:zombie: That would meanid have to finish something before starting a new project! :lol: I’ve got multiple sets of circulars/interchangeables. I don’t like or knit with straight needles anymore.

That’s very cool to know why you use the word jumper! And I agree, Salmonmac, the word sweater doesn’t sound appealing.

I like the sheep-jumper connection! Makes sense. The actual origin of the word might be different. I found several other references to it coming from French. Sweater on the other hand is a little less appealing. There are associations with horse blankets. ??? A rose by any other name… :slight_smile:

I was so confused many, many years ago to read that main character in [I]Rebecca[/I] wore a skirt [I]and[/I] jumper. I think my curiosity about the term started there, when I was in high school. High school could open another difference in English usage. I’ve read about the British school systems, apparently there is more than one, and only got more confused. Does Australia have it’s own, different system for running young 'uns through the education mill?

Tsk, GG! - that definition (highly dubious, anyway! - from [I]jupe[/I], which means ‘skirt’ in French?!) comes from an American dictionary.
I applaud yer research, m’dear: now do some with an Australian flavour.
Aussie education is not too bad, even though nothing like it used to be when I was at school …
Our PM has just announced a big new education initiative, with money being splashed around for primary and secondary schools; but some of it is coming from the tertiary arena! - unis are to have their already meagre funds cut. Good GRIEF! Mind you, as her party is going to be voted out at our next federal election in September, none of it carries much weight. Oh, how we Aussies detest our politicians! We don’t [I]elect [/I]a winning party: we dismiss the party that’s blotted its copybook beyond forgiveness. And now we have two parties we despise: what to do?
Sighh …
Sorry for the rave, y’all …