Any alteranative to blocking a blanket w/o a

blocking board or pins?

I was thinking about laying some towels down my carpet…but not sure what i can use to tack it down into place and dry it with my hairdryer/iron or soemthing like that…

Since it’s a blanket, the size isn’t imperative. Laying it on some towels will probably be enough. I don’t pin everything I block, in fact I pin very few things.

I put a large drop cloth on the carpet (prevent moisture from seeping thru), then towels and use regular dressmaker pins just to create tension where I feel it’s needed. I’ll go back occasionally and shape with my fingers if necessary til dry.


I have put a blanket down - doubled over if need be - and towels. I DO always use pins but alternatives depend on the item (and certainly some items would not need pins as such). I would not dry with a dryer unless absolutely necessary. I prefer natural drying but because there is no air flow under the item when it’s on the floor, I generally lift it half way through drying and change the towels and re-pin. I’ve had items take 3 days to dry this way depending on their size and how open the ‘weave’/pattern is.