Any advice?

I am teaching a friend of mine to knit this weekend. Do you knitting pros have any advice for me? We only have a couple hours, so she will only get the basics. We’re going to hit the craft store beforehand to pick up the essentials, then we’ll come back to my place and start in. Should she start a pattern or just stick with a scarf at first?

Thanks in advance!

You know I’m trying to teach my Wife AND daughter how to knit…

Problem I have is that my daughter is Left handed… but I’m teaching her right handed Knitting… I told her to stop and we’d find my parents who know left handed knitting, but she keeps going…

What I did was show them the difference between the knit and purl stich… so they could SEE what they looked like…

Then on a pair of regular straight needles (size 9 or 10 would work, maybe even 7’s) I use a light color, so you can see the stiches, of worsted weight yarn and casted on 10 - 20 stiches (depending on the person). Then I showed them how to do the KNIT stich only… did a few rows while they watched… then gave them the needles and graibbed a pair of my own and knitting along side them so if they had questions, I could SHOW them without taking the needles out of thier hands.

The most important part is getting them used to the needles… only take the needles away, I’ve found, if you have to… :slight_smile:

We will be doing purl stiches probably next week, when the girls say they are ready.

But that’s just my experince

Yo may also want to cover the basics of knitting “equipment”, and how to read a yarn label…and I wouldnt teach more than CO, K & P.

How FUN! You have a PROTEGE!!

I’d recommend a simple dishcloth, here’s a free pattern:

She’ll learn to yo and k2tog. This is what my instructor had us do first.

Plus Sugar N Cream is cheap. :thumbsup:

The only thing about dishcloths is that cotton is not the easiest fiber to learn with…I would use something stretchier.

This was my first project… and I did it in acrylic just to DO IT…

It sits in my knitting bag to this day as my “First thing done” :slight_smile:

Tip 1: When she picks out yarn get worsted or bulky plain old yarn.

It’s really hard to learn (and teach) if the learner starts out with eyelash or fun fur! (I know from sad experience). :rollseyes:

Tip 2: Use something between size 8 and size 10.5 - whatever suites the yarn.

Tip 3: Start off with a scarf or dishcloth and I usually teach in this order:
Cast on (I like long tail), Knit, Purl, how to change from knit to purl without getting extra stitches.

An easy scarf would be CO 15, K 5 rows, P 5 rows repeat to end

This one gives a little stockinette between garter ridges, and doesn’t curl, but you get practice in both knit and purl.

Have FUN!!!



My 4th project was with Eyelash (Bernat Boa) and it was like travelling through the tundra in a speedo… I’ll never ever ever ever use that stuff again…

:slight_smile: Good call Mary

Thanks for posting these…I get to teach MY first knitting class at the end of the month for the church ladies. :slight_smile:

GREAT tips!!

The suggestions that I had was to teach a 2 needle mitten, because there is pattern reading…but I REALLY think that it would be toooo much…

but her thinking was, it is a small project, and one that can be completed by someone in a matter of hours the first time out. (I did a mock up, and it took 45 mins…)

Thanks for reminding me to get part of it done so I can ask my questions…of MY mentor…lol…

These are all wonderful suggestions, everyone! Thank you so much!! I hadn’t thought of a two-needle mitten… I do wonder if it would be too much though. A scarf can be so boring, but if you show them how to add little embellishments like ribbon in a basket stitch, or fringe, it can be really fun.

My I also suggest she choose a light-colored yarn? Its MUCH MUCH easier to see the anatomy of the sts.

Hopefully you’ll never wear a SPEEDO again, either!!! :shock:

[size=2]Disclaimer: The above opinion is solely that of the poster and has NOTHING to to with Dave, his physique or excess/lack of body hair…NO ONE should wear a speedo…EVER. EV-ER.[/size]