Any advice on Bernat Solo yarn?

I was browsing yarns, and ran across Bernat Solo. It looks lovely, and being an acrylic/polyester blend I don’t have to worry about the wool irritation. It seems to be bulky and a somewhat “fuzzy” yarn.

There is a sweater pattern for it on the Bernat site, and it looks like it would be great for afghans, lap robes, etc.

Has anyone used this yarn? Do you like it? (It looks bulky enough that blankets, etc. would work up faster -and for me that would be a HUGE plus!)

Would love to hear any feedback from anyone who has used it.

Thanks!!! :XX:

I used Solo for my first big project. I really liked it. It felt very soft on the skin, not itchy at all, and it washed up nicely too. The fact that it’s bulky is a plus, I used 10.5 needles and it was a quick knit. So I’d recommend it, but if I used it again I wouldn’t use the colour I used last time - I think it was called smoke or something like that, the one that’s mostly black. It was too hard to see the stitches.