Any AC Moore regulars here?

I’ve heard about this place but I have never been to one. Please give me a good reason I should go there.

I need help !!!

My AC Moore isn’t bad. They seem to have a larger selection of needles than, say, Michael’s. They also have a wider selection of yarns. You won’t find alpaca or mmmmmmmmalabrigo, of course, but they have some of their own lines and other brands that are a step above. They, of course, have a large department of easier-to-find yarns. I’d say it’s worth a trip.

[color=blue]We have one in South Portland and love it! Nice selection of needles/Yarn etc, good prices and a ton of other crafty items. On the weekends there are usually demonstrations. The staff here is friendly, helpful and understanding of yarn addiction lol. Hope this helps! :cheering: Here is their website–you will be able to see what is on sale at “your” area AC Moore.

OMG I sound like the AC Moore Chamber of Commerce! :shock:
sebago, me [/color]

:rofling: :roflhard: that’s funny!

We have an ACMoore here, it’s been here a few months, it’s in the mall. I like it, I no longer go to Michaels (our’s stinks!!!). I don’t often shop in chain stores for yarn any more, but I have been while doing Allysa’s things for the Knitting World Cup and ACMoore is where I found the cotton yarn that I am using for her things…very reasonably priced :smiley:
And, of course, they have oodles of other crafty things…and, a nice selection of knitting books, too :thumbsup:
Oh yeah, and weekly coupons via email.

Thanks all. How do I get on their email distribution list?

You can sign up at .

I have an ACMoore and I like it very much!! :cheering: They have totally different yarns than my Joanns. ACMoore also takes 40% off Joann’s coupons!!! Even the ones printed off the internet.

I really do shop at both stores. Joanns is much bigger but I’m very happy with the ACM yarn dept. :happydance:

I love our ACMoore. It has everything from Red Heart Super Saver to cashmire and alpaca yarns. They also have a great needle selection and a very good selection of dowels for making my own needles. All at pretty good prices. Although I think it’s important to support my local independent knit shop so when I have the cash I go to my favorite little shop where I can buy, knit and gossip with my buddies.

Nadja :XX:

There is an AC Moore close by, and I have to confess they know me by name :thinking: go figure. I have bought alot of higher priced knitting things by using their 40% off coupon. I purchased my ball winder and most of my bamboo needles there. Most the time I don’t even have a coupon, and I just ask them for one and they take off the 40% with a smile. They are very friendly and helpful, and they have a decent selection of yarn. I would highly recommend them!

I have to agree, I love my AC Moore. Their 40% off coupon is great. I use it for bamboo needles and more expensive items. I am currently eyeing a knitting machine priced at $150. After the coupon it should be about $90.


They accept 40% coupon for big items too, like knitting machine?