Anxiously waiting for littleknits

Last week I rewarded myself with a bag of Noro from when I got my tax return. I still haven’t gotten any notice of shipping nor has my card been charged. I emailed them… but I am just so anxious to get the yarn! I’ve read nothing but good things about littleknits, but I’m still nervous! :teehee:

Oooo yummy noro (I need a drooling smiley). What colors did you get?

I got colorway 247. Light blues, golds, purples,etc. I’m going to be using it for a Lady Eleanor. :happydance:

Well that’s strange, I wonder if the order didn’t go through. I usually get an e-mail confirmation within a day or so of placing my order, and then a follow up when it ships.

I was recently “inspired” by that beautiful ad on this site for Atacama and got 20 sk of it from Little Knits. Hey, they were having a bag sale and I needed two bags … it was only later that I realized that the ad on this site is from a different vendor, but lucky for me the price was about the same (too bad for the advertiser though).

I’m waiting for some Noro Big Kureyon from LittleKnits also. My first order from them came fairly fast. They had upgraded my shipping because bad weather had delayed orders in Seattle.

This time I haven’t been as lucky. I ordered on the 2nd and didn’t get a ship notice until the 9th. According to the UPS site, I won’t see my yarn until the 16th. :pout:

That seems like an awfully long time to me.

I’m waiting to start an entrelac bag for the March KAL. It’s ok, cause I have more than enough OTN these days and I really want to finish at least one thing sometime soon.


I usually hear back within 2-3 days when ordering from Littleknits (an addiction of mine :wink:)…did you email and ask what’s up? I would if I were you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Littleknits, as a matter of fact, I’m going to pop over now and see what kind of bag sales she has going on…:wink:

I emailed them this morning. Just waiting on an response now taps fingers

I just hope they didn’t run out of that colorway or something! :pout:

I have found it is faster to call Littleknits. In the past when I emailed them it was days before I got a response. My email went into their spam folder.

I would call too… I had to once cause the order (my 1rst order) was never charged and it was due to weather back when they got hit pretty bad… they are really nice and helpful… that was the only time I’ve ever had trouble and it wasn’t really trouble… I gotta stay away from littleknits… they get me in trouble… :teehee:

i’ve never ordered from there, but those prices!!! is it like an overstock deal or something? I noticed the don’t have lots of colors of the varying yarns, which is why I ask, does it get updated a lot? You guys are going to get me in TROUBLE!!! (been dying to make Chambers in Noro Iro forEVER)