Antiques anyone?

Anyone familiar with buying antiques? I am looking at china cabinet - but not sure how to determine how much I should pay. It is what I call bowfront with curved glass panels and claw feet - like my grandmother had. There is a beautiful one up for sale, but it has been refinished. I know as a collectors item that devalues it, but as a functional piece that I fully intend to use I’m okay with it being refinished as the original makers mark is still there.

I would go for it. You should be able to get a piece like that for about $150 to $300. I’ll bet you couldn’t get a new one for less than $500 to $700. Good luck Ellie:sun:

Antique prices vary from area to area as well as who made the item.

If you’re not buying it as an investment piece (highly improbable as it’s been refinished) I’d say if you’re comfortable with the price then go for it. If it’s worth it to you then it’s a good price.

I once bought an original Franklin stove at an auction for fifty bucks, which is all it was worth to me. I used it for a year and then sold it to a guy for whom it was worth $1,500. Worked for me.